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Tranquilmoney - Receivables management solutions for Healthcare providers

Headquartered in New Jersey with delivery centers in Chennai, India, Tranquilmoney leverages leading edge technology, and proven total quality management systems, experienced people to provide complete practice management, RCM and data warehousing services to the US healthcare industry.

Since 2001, our claims processing, healthcare receivable services and powerful technology have considerably increased physicians’ income, while reducing claim rejections and administrative overheads.

In our quest to provide operational ease to physicians’ practices, our software PracticeTracker™ combined with backoffice services, provide support to many activities of a practice.

teleClinic™ is our secure video consultation platform, designed for effective doctor-patient eVisits.

For retail pharmacies, we provide accounting reconciliation of third-party insurance claims and payments, using our AI-backed technology, PharmTracker™.

Our flagship products and services:



Net Collection Rate over 97%, minimum 57% collected in less than 30 days. Streamlined processes. Smooth practice management.

We have managed over $1 billion a year, with 100% reconciliation and 99.9% collections

PracticeTracker™ software is offers complete EHR and Practice management solutions, while AI backed PharmTracker™ powers 100% reconciliation of pharmacy claims and payments.
PracticeTracker™ has certifications for Complete EHR Ambulatory (2014 edition) and ONC ATCB

TQM-based management practices and processes along with Continuous Monitoring System (3- Tier Quality Assurance with monthly internal audits, Quarterly and ISO audits) ensures consistent quality services.

Every physician practice is unique. We customize our software to suit your workflow.

High-volume document processing solutions, ImageCADE, TeleDoc & TeleFiche enable quick capture of form data, better management and storage of forms and records. We guarantee 99.99% accuracy in data entry (HCFA/CMS, C4, and UB92 forms) and eliminate risks associated with format transition.

Well-structured domain-specific, soft skills, technology and management training unleashes the maximum potential of our employees

Privacy and security of health records is assured at Tranquilmoney. We strictly follow all the procedures and protocols.

Approved vendor for electronic claim filing with New York WCB. We file claims in 24 hours.


We believe that US Healthcare Providers should be independent, while at the same time being a part of one or more larger organizations. We are here to provide the technological infrastructure and back office staff they need to be effective at what they trained for so long and so hard. Our Vision is to allow doctors to focus on patient care knowing that their practice is in order.


To reduce the business complexities and regulatory burden of physician practices, pharmacies and hospitals prevalent in the US healthcare industry.

To increase revenue realization for our clients through our affordable, swift, technology-backed financial management services.

To make management of receivables management cheaper, faster and better.

Certificate of Health IT Compliance


  • Surescripts – White Coat of Quality 2013
  • AICPA Service Organization Control Reports
  • ISO 9001 Certification for back office in India in 2000
  • ISO: 9001:2015 Certification in 2016
  • Complete EHR Ambulatory (2014 edition), Meaningful Use and ONC ATCB - Drummond Certified Health IT
  • SSAE 2012 (Statement for Standards for Attestation Engagements) for PharmTrackerTM by AICPA Auditing Standards Board

Our AI Philosophy

At Tranquilmoney, we aim to achieve maximum automation, while the domain experts handle the non-automated tasks. We have designed our systems based on the technical know-how of our Founder & CEO, Dr Karun Philip, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Our 24*7 functional back office in India double checks for any loopholes that our AI-backed technology might have skipped, while our teams follow up on unpaid claims.

Our AI-backed software enables 100% reconciliation of claims and account receivables (manually impossible), allowing follow up on unpaid or partially paid claims, resulting in a 99.99% collection rate. This saves time. reduces costs, and manual inaccuracies; while our payor business rule database enables our clients to have a better predictability of reimbursement patterns.

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Total Quality Management

Based on Japanese management techniques invented by W. Edwards Demming, we have implemented Total Quality Management at Tranquilmoney. This practice clearly presents the set targets, actual outcomes, deviations and rectification measures, which in turn results in effective decision making and meeting the set goals.

TQM at Tranquilmoney is about understanding, anticipating, meeting and exceeding customer expectations by doing things right the first time and every time.

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Management Team

The management team, led by Dr. Karun Philip, with his combined years of experience in technology, healthcare and business process outsourcing, is committed to deliver quality and sustainable results to its customers.

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Tranquilmoney Offices

Our Offices

Tranquilmoney, Inc. manages its operations out of New Jersey and is supported by an offshore delivery team based in Chennai (Madras), India. With state-of-the-art infrastructure spread over 10,000 sq. feet at the city center, and high speed communication lines between the offices in US and India, Tranquilmoney uses dual shoring, combining the best of both worlds.

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New York based Family Practice – Physician Receivables Management

A New York based general practice group was hardly recovering 50% of its claims and dealing with inconsistent cash flows. In words of the Office Manager, our intervention resulted in great value-addition and delivered concrete results.

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How Tranquilmoney enhances clinical communication

Efficient usage of the right EHR technology with relevant features can ensure effective clinical communication.

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