Tranquilmoney has been recognized for its Health IT Solutions

Top Medical Practice Management Consulting / Service in the US

Healthcare Tech lists Tranquilmoney in the top 10 medical practice management consulting/service providers in the US that are positively impacting the industry.

Dec 2020: Tranquilmoney adds yet another feather to its cap with this coveted achievement. The magazine has recognized Tranquilmoney’s efforts to “bridge the gap between healthcare and accounting”. Since its inception, Tranquilmoney has been committed to providing the best practice management and revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare providers in the US. Throughout the years, the company has provided its clients with the technology and services that reduce their administrative burden and overhead costs while simultaneously increasing their efficiency, productivity and revenue. And this recognition is the testament to the company’s success in its endeavors. Read the complete article here


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Tranquilmoney Award

Top Medical Practice Management Solution Providers 2020

Tranquilmoney is listed among the top 10 companies in Asia Pacific by MD Tech Review for providing Medical Practice Management Solutions and impacting the industry.

July 2020: The recognition acknowledges Tranquilmoney’s technological endeavours in easing the complexities related to EHR handling, Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management. In the US healthcare sector, factors like massive administration tasks, account receivable manageement, claim denial management and reduced insurance reimbursements adds up to the provider’s overheads. Tranquilmoney has combined the power of technology with innovative thinking to introduce software and services to address the various disruptions ailing the medical practice management sector. To read the full article, click on to:

India’s Best EMR/EHR and Medical Billing Solution Provider

Tranquilmoney is recognized by Insights Success for leveraging the power of technology to bring in agility in the healthcare receivables management and electronic health records.

April 2020: The April edition of the Insights Success Magazine features Dr Karun Philip, Founder, Tranquilmoney and the story about how the company is successfully riding the automation wave. Doctors in US spend a substantial chunk of their productive time in the documentation and administrative processes. The patient engagement ratios reduce significantly and healthcare costs shoot up. Tranquilmoney has automated the common and routine jobs to lower the administrative burden, leading to reduced burnout levels and increased time and energy for patient engagement. To read the full feature on how the company is revolutionising the industry with its solutions, click on to:

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Award Surescripts - White Coat Of Quality 2013

Surescripts’ 2013 White Coat of Quality Award

Tranquilmoney’s e-prescription solution, PracticeTracker™ receives the prestigious quality award for the third year in a row.

April 2014: Tranquilmoney’s PracticeTracker™ receives Surescripts’ highest recognition for upholding the highest standards in clinical quality and adhering to e-prescribing best practices. Tranquilmoney has been committed to constantly enhance the quality and efficiency of e-prescribing systems and processes. The company’s flagship software PracticeTracker™ successfully underwent the rigorous programs and strict parameters laid by Surescripts White Coat of Quality to identify e-prescribing excellence. Click on to the link below to read more about why the company has been honoured for the third consecutive year:

Surescripts' 2012 White Coat of Quality Award

The award is in recognition of PracticeTracker™ software upholding the highest standards of clinical quality in e-prescribing.

April 2013: Tranquilmoney along with 30 other partners of DrFirst have received the award for the second consecutive year. Surescripts’ quality program measures e-prescribing processes on the strictest parameters, to ensure overall efficiency, reduced costs and increased patient safety. Tranquilmoney has been constantly improving its e-prescribing processes, right from the stage when prescription is prepared till the point medication is dispensed. The company has also integrated Rcopia in their EMR software. To know about the other awardees, click on to:

<Award Surescripts - White Coat Of Quality 2012
Award Surescripts - White Coat Of Quality 2011

Surescripts' 2011 White Coat of Quality Award

The award is in recognition of upholding the highest standards of prescription content quality in e-prescribing.

Feb 2012: In 2011, the parameters to earn the Surescripts’ prestigious award included a signed quality commitment by the leadership, adherence to quality metrics, implementation of changes in software and raising prescriber awareness. Tranquilmoney was among the 64 technology vendors that had been recognized for maintaining highest e-prescribing quality and standards. Tranquilmoney has developed the technology and imparted training to prescribers to achieve simplification, efficiency and accuracy in prescribing processes. To read the full feature, click on to: