Collaborate with Tranquilmoney to increase business and revenues!

If you are an Independent Medical Biller, outsource your work to us. Our technology solutions and expert billing professionals ensure that you meet your client goals efficiently without any compromise to your earnings. If you are a healthcare insurance company, we ensure that no fraudulent claim cases are entertained and medical providers are justly reimbursed.

Independent Medical Billers. Partner with us and sign up any number of clients with assured services.

Healthcare Insurance Companies. Reduce fraudulent claims dramatically by collaborating with us.

Independent Medical Billers in the US

Outsource to us - increase business and cut costs

Outsource your medical billing, collections, claim filing, or reporting business to us, either completely or partially, and continue earning your commission on collections. Our services include:

  • Medical billing
  • Claim filing – all specialities (ambulatory)
  • AR follow up
  • Reporting
  • Professional offshore resources on per hour/ per month basis.

How it works:

Our collaboration is dependent on a minimum monthly billing. We charge a fee based on either claims or revenue sharing percentage.

Not sure? Check out our services, before signing us up. We offer a free trial for 30 days!


PracticeTracker™ – Our complete Practice Management software with EHR on the cloud.

Collaboration process with Independent Medical Billers

Collaboration Process - Tranquilmoney

Healthcare Insurance companies

We ensure that zero fraudulent claims pass to Insurance payors.

We use AI based software to evaluate claims filed to you. As your Admin for TPA claims, we evaluate claims and prevent fraud.

The service offering – TPA Audit

We offer claims evaluation services using our AI-backed software. Our software and process ensure that no fraudulent claims pass on to you.

Before claim submission, our software checks that sufficient evidence has been included to prove that an actual consultation has taken place. If case of telehealth, we can submit video recording clips of the actual consultation.

Moreover, as your TPA claims admin, we ensure that the healthcare provider receives its dues as collected from the health insurance company, less the contracted fees.

How does it work?

The Insurance Company submits the contracts with TPA for each plan they offer. The Healthcare Providers provide their contracts (there is usually a clause that the TPA can modify the written and signed document at any time without notice). We provide legal briefs online to the attorneys of the Insurance company on a real time basis.

What expertise do we offer?

We have offered our services to the New York State Workers Compensation Board for about 20 years. The same systems apply to all US Healthcare Billing and Benefit Payments.


Healthcare Forms Processing

A leading third-party administrator had been struggling with insurance form processing, backlogs, low accuracy levels, and poor data conversion. We delivered a 50% improvement in claim processing cycle time, managed volume fluctuations and drastically reduced turnaround times.

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How to select a Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management Partner

With an array of vendors available, it is critical to ask the right questions to select the right revenue cycle management partner.

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