Managament Practices

Our Management practices have ensured customer satisfaction

Total Quality Management is imbibed in our culture. At Tranquilmoney, we are committed to not only ensure quality at every stage, but to improve quality through continuous improvement of technology, processes and training.

Our commitment to quality facilitates delivery of accurate and professional healthcare receivables services. Our team of trained professionals, with the aid of technology and pre-defined processes, ensures maximum healthcare collections, lower denials, and a smooth sail through worker’s compensation disputes. Pharmacy customers enjoy 100% reconciliation of checks - RAs and collect more.

Total Quality Management places a focus on internal management practices, such as

  • How processes support in churning out desired outcomes to satisfy customers
  • How consistently processes deliver desired outcomes (customers enjoy consistent services)
  • The productivity of a process compared to the resources used (lowers cost for our customers too)
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Tranquilmoney automated the TQM implementation and monitoring in the organization through its proprietary software TQM Online in 1999.

TQM system helps in the planning, management and monitoring of day-to-day functioning. Every employee has assigned accountability and every result is measured against success indicators (managing points) and process indicators (checking points). These are integrated together with the help of the TQM Automation system to form TQM Online, that enables:

  • Visual representation of the actual data against set target
  • Enables quick and effective decision making
  • Greater clarity about an individual's roles and responsibilities
  • Provides up to date data which gives timely warning of problems
  • Managerial scalability allowing smooth management of even large-scale organizations

Our TQM-based management practices - benefits to customers

  • TQM builds customer focus in the organization: ensures an understanding of customer expectations and emphasizes the need of clear communication with customers.
  • TQM assures quality to customers: deliver what is expected, process for managing unsatisfied customers, and prevent similar incidents.
  • No misunderstanding: Clarity in the extent of accountability and responsibilities helps each employee reach goals.
  • Enables prompt action: Quality practices and measurement enable quick decision-making that enables prompt action.
  • Preventive action plan:  Shortcomings are addressed with the formation of immediate preventive action plan.


The PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) Cycle ensures quality. Each process is designed for maximum productivity and quality delivery. So, how does it work?

PDCA - Cycle
  • A DRM (Design Review Meeting) is conducted when a project begins. Quality Assurance Check is conducted to ensure client's specifications are met.
  • Detailed Project Specifications and Clarifications document is created.
  • The Metrics for each process and the person are identified.
  • Process Conformance Report (PCR / Checklist) and Quality Control Process Chart (QCPC) for  are maintained.
  • A set of Work Instructions (WIS) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) are defined for each process. Exceptions are handled.
  • Stage inspection and final inspection ensure quality for the whole product/process.

How do we ensure quality at every step?

  • Quality Audits
  • Performance Metrics
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Continuous Improvements
  • External Audits
How do we ensure quality at every step?


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