Data capture, Document processing and Imaging products

Our proprietary technology lies at the core of our success story

We use multiple proprietary software products developed over the years to deliver our services to physicians and pharmacies.

Any business process requires to be supported by robust and scalable technology that can enable superior results. Tranquilmoney's software division provides technology to the outsourcing division to deal with the complexities of healthcare claim and AR management, with the objective of driving efficient process management, improved usability and productivity, and accuracy.



Computer Aided Data Entry from Images

ImageCADE is an integrated, windows-based set of applications used for image and data capture with 99.9% accuracy and efficiency. It allows to have independent stations for scanning, image processing, data entry and verification, thereby streamlining the complete capture process.

How it works: It scans documents in batches and uses batch processes for load distribution to maximize throughput and overall control, with little scope for supervisory overhead. ImageCADE can also be configured to use machine recognition for increased productivity levels.

It allows separation of scanning and indexing processes to facilitate remote data entry and scalability of operations. ImageCADE enables workflow customization and separation of process-specific work queues for easy monitoring.


TeleScan is a module of ImageCADE.

The tool is used in batching, scanning and imaging paper batches.
The captured images are then imported into ImageCADE and data is retrieved from the images using Key, Verify and Correct commands.



A image warehousing tool

TeleFiche is a windows-based data, document and image warehousing tool that allows image storage with user defined keywords (indexes).
The images can be stored either offline or on any storage media such as hard drives and CD-ROMs. The tool allows keyword searches for both online and offline volumes.

  • It is used for archiving purposes
  • It is available in both standalone and client server mode
  • It consists of Publisher (allows creation of volumes and document classification) and Viewer (allows viewing/importing volumes in warehouse)


TelePost is the module of PharmTracker™ that allows stored procedures to convert the processed data into the reporting schema.



Claims reconciliation and receivables management for a Pharmacy Chain

A huge pharmacy chain was finding it problematic to manage claims, identify unpaid claims, and reconcile claim payments. With our process, software, and domain experts, we delivered 100% claim reconciliation and 99.9% collections.

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How physicians can improve patient engagement using technology

Technology plays a vital role in building patient engagement, which proves to be equally beneficial for both the providers as well as patients.

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