Well-designed transitioning ensures a smooth change

Our typical transitions are when a client signs up with us for medical billing or when a client decides to move to electronic health records from paper charts. We ensure that knowledge migration, data handover and transfer of operating capabilities take place smoothly between the client and us. Our predetermined steps clarify the role of every stakeholder in taking care of the transition.

Your Benefits

  • Our transitioning processes and highly trained staff guide you at every step from project start-up to live production.
  • Our attention to details, continuous clarifications and quality checks helps both the parties in avoiding any gaps.
  • We ensure and encourage open communication between you and our team so that you’re fully aware of the new ecosystem.
Your Benefits

Transition process objectives

  • Ensure that the vendor’s team can initiate client operations
  • Document the processes and train staff
  • Design processes and deploy technology
  • Finalize SLA parameters

Transition examples

  • When a Retail Pharmacy signs up for reconciliation services
  • When a Physician practice client decides to move to electronic health records from paper charts
  • When a Physician’s Practice signs up with us for medical billing services

The Transitioning Process

Transitioning process


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