Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

TQM at Tranquilmoney is a quality philosophy, a digital management system

TQM at Tranquilmoney is not just about management of quality, but it is also about quality of management. An in-house developed management system, Total Quality Management or Total Digital Management is based on Japanese management techniques developed by the American Management Guru, W. Edwards Demming.

Our goal is clear - Understanding, anticipating, meeting and exceeding customer expectations by doing things right the first time and every time.

TQM Highlights at Tranquilmoney

  • In use at Tranquilmoney India since 1996
  • Excellent results achieved at both management and employees at different levels
  • Stress-free environment
  • Facilitates timely achievement of customer goals
  • Every employee's metrics and targets are maintained on the system
  • Facilitates monitoring of performance trends and benchmark against median performance through auto-generated charts
  • Integrates well with other technology for automated performance updates in near-real-time.
TQM Highlights at Tranquilmoney

TQM Automation System

Our TQM Automation System automates daily work management. The TQM System clearly defines one’s scope of accountability and authority. Each employee is assigned a set of managing points (success indicators) and checking points (process indicators) that communicate the expected business results. The points integrate together to form TQM Online.

TQM Online helps in creating visual control systems (graphs and charts) that are easy to grasp and enable faster decision making. This system directly collects data from the operational software systems and provides each user with an interface for keying in data specific to their measures where automation is not currently suitable.

The graphs are auto-generated and can be analyzed over a desired period. Our global workforce has secure access to this information from any location in the world.

Employees are reviewed every week against their managing points by their supervisor and action plans are prepared and reviewed regularly to fix the gaps.

Continuous improvement is institutionalized through revision of these goals and effective action plans.

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TQM Digital

TQM at Tranquilmoney has been online since 2000

  • Reviews can be conducted online across global locations
  • It saves critical resources such as time, manpower, and other miscellaneous resources such as stationery, printing, etc.
  • Allows visual representation of the actual data against set target
  • Enables faster and more effective decision making
  • Provides clarity about the individual's roles and responsibilities
  • Provides up to date data which allows for timely warning of problems


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