How Tranquilmoney helps in achieving Meaningful Use – EHR Incentives


How Tranquilmoney helps in achieving Meaningful Use – EHR Incentives

We all know that Meaningful use (MU) objective is a key component for EHR technologies. The journey to achieve Meaningful Use objectives can often prove to be quite exhaustive, more so because this is still a new technology that professionals are gradually getting accustomed to. To help our clients cope with these adjustments our Meaningful Use consulting team provides comprehensive assistance to hospitals and professionals to enhance service quality, process efficiency, and data control to realize meaningful use objectives and become eligible for EHR incentives.

• The team educates providers and professionals about the different incentive programs, the eligibility criteria, and payment schedule along with its benefits.

• We analyse your eligibility yardstick and suggest you a suitable incentive program. The consulting team then assesses if your practice is ready for the change and also does a gap analysis for improvement.

• Our team of consultants explains the solutions, helps with identifying people responsible for actions thus reducing workflow inefficiencies.

• We aid with the registration process for professional and hospitals including selecting the incentive program.

• Provide assistance with the implementation process, give detailed instructions and materials required to understand the software and also comprehensively guide in attaining the innumerable standards required for the incentive payments.

• We undertake training sessions to help you understand the requisites and the benefits of the application of each Meaningful Use criteria and how it contributes towards enhancing patient care.

• We ensure attestation of yearly incentive programs and submission of all relevant data and documents.

• Post the above process we also follow up on the payment to ensure incentive payments are received on time.

• Make care providers and their staff realise the numerous other benefits associated with the Meaningful Use objectives, which aid in improving patient care and qualify them for other pay for performance incentives.

At Tranquilmoney we not only create technology but also help people connect with it, to obtain maximum benefit. We strongly believe in providing solutions which impart overall care to not only patients but also care providers and organisations.

Our 10 step strategy to achieve meaningful use incentive from Tranquilmoney