Marketing for Physicians – Top Tips


Marketing for Physicians – Top Tips

Potential patients live on the internet. When they’re not well, they research their symptoms on the internet and are hit by ads from your competitors. “But doctors don’t advertise!” I hear you say. Yes, doctors didn’t advertise. Word-of-mouth publicity and recommendations from grateful patients were enough to bring in a steady stream of new patients.

But that was then, and this is now. Practices are investing in the creation and dissemination of digital content, and it’s finding its mark. 78% of new patients at a clinic said they were there because of digital marketing (1).

Marketing for physicians is a must. Otherwise, the people who need you are not going to find you. They’re going to find other doctors
So, what should you do?

Here are a few strategies that will help you grow your medical business.

Five Marketing strategies for Doctors

• A well-designed, SEO-optimized website.
• Presence on local business listings and Google business listings.
• Well-planned social media marketing activities.
• Offering convenient and useful telehealth services.
• Producing and disseminating quality content – articles, videos, blog posts, etc.

1. Marketing for Physicians needs a website

If your practice doesn’t have a website, set it up now!

Your website must be very well-designed. It needs to be informative, impressive, and encourage people to become your patients.
Remember, a website is open 24 hours a day. Patients can book an appointment when their need is acute.

A SEO-optimized website ensures your website shows up near the top of a search engine page when potential patients search for services. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a science. It can be complicated, and it is wise to hire experts for it.

SEO has one of the best returns on investments (ROI) among digital marketing strategies (2). Also, remember that your website must function well on smartphones to grow your medical business.

2. Presence on local and Google business listings is helpful

Listing your practice as a business on Google will improve your listing in search results, and give potential patients your location, phone number, and other information.

Many patients do search for doctors on the internet when they need one in a hurry. A good position on the results page, with a link to a map, is attractive for your medical marketing.

3. Well-planned social media marketing for Doctors is important

Many people search on Facebook. Having a business Page (different from your personal profile) is vital. This is where you put useful content, information about your practice, a map and other contact information, and patient testimonials.

Social media marketing for doctors needs strategy and sustained effort. Your practice must put fresh and useful content regularly on all your social media channels.

If you’re in dermatology or plastic surgery, consider Instagram.

4. Offer telehealth services to grow your practice

Many patients are just too busy to drive to the clinic, find parking, and wait to be seen. These are the patients who use walk-in clinics or urgent care facilities. By providing telemedicine services, you can get and keep these patients in your practice.

The ease of booking an appointment online, not wasting any time in commuting, and consulting their doctor from their own office or home is very attractive for them. Most payors are now paying for remote consultations, and patients who try telehealth generally find it satisfying and convenient.

Telehealth can be an important revenue stream for practices who implement it well.

• Inform your existing patients by messaging and email.
• Use targeted advertising on Facebook, local business websites, and other avenues discussed above.
• Your website’s landing page should offer quick and easy options – phone number for booking an in-person appointment, and a link for booking a telehealth appointment.

5. Producing and disseminating quality content – articles, videos, blog posts, etc.

Marketing for physicians has unique requirements. You have to use your knowledge and expertise as a medical practitioner and experience gained over the years to write about subjects that might interest your patients, and convince prospective patients that you can provide quality diagnosis and treatment.

Publishing videos, blog posts, and articles on relevant subjects are all good ways of doing this,
This will help to boost your digital marketing efforts for your medical practice as it provides great content to share.


Digital marketing efforts get people interested, but it is imperative to onboard them immediately. Internet users are an impatient lot. Offer them the convenience of a same day appointment, or a telehealth appointment, to get them into your practice. Also, pay attention to your content and social media presence. Patients adding reviews to your page is always a good idea.
We hope you can try some of these ideas at your medical practice and see success in acquiring new patients.


1. Radu G, Solomon M, Gheorghe CM, Hostiuc M, Bulescu IA, Purcarea VL. The adaptation of health care marketing to the digital era. J Med Life. 2017;10(1):44-46.
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