President Obama’s Dream With EHR


President Obama’s Dream With EHR

President Obama in his election Campaign of 2008 had laid out plans of digitising the health records of every American that will eventually reduce medical costs for American families and also ensure patients safety by ensuring integrated medical care. A system or rather a cloud that will store the health records of millions of Americans and make all those details available by just a click of a button is truly a dream that is still taking shape in the land of opportunities’.

This five year plan with the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) initiated by the Obama government has been written about in several articles across the nation, numerous critics have spoken about the drawbacks associated with this plan, which includes the cost involved, skilled labour required for a project of this scale and also the ubiquitousness of the plan. Well this said we all know that necessity is the mother of invention but how many of us know that criticism is the mother of improvisation. The truth in the saying can be easily proven by talking about companies who have improvised their cloud based services in the health care sector to curb the drawbacks and ensure easy implementation of the process.


President Obama’s dream With EHR


Various technology companies have come up with solutions to overcome certain hurdles by introducing EHR transitioning services, where, all the hospitals and physician offices have to do is scan the documents or mail them to these companies who feed it into the data and share it with organisation concerned, who have undertaken their services. Then there is also the continuous research that goes into developing a user friendly technology that does not hinder the valuable interaction time between a doctor and a patient. The government with its Medicare and Medicaid incentive schemes have made the implementation attractive for hospitals and physician offices, which will be eligible for this scheme by meaningful implementation of certified EHR.

While the initial introduction will cost millions but in the long run it will save billions of money for the health organisations, such is the magic of this service. With EHR, apart from reading the medical history of the patients and claiming incentives, organisations can also keep a track of claims that have been realised from insurance companies; they can clearly make a note of the defaulter companies in no time through EHR, a patient need not waste time in filling out the long forms every time they go to a hospital or a physician’s office, with several records available in the system need to file records decreases, EHR increases patient engagement by making all the information accessible to the patient as well and also encourages integrated health services. With many such benefits the dream to implement EHR throughout America is gradually on the rise with various companies who have been actively involved in designing EHR services and making it more acceptable with many use friendly attributes like EHR transitioning, ensuring compliance with the HITECH act, assist organisation in realising meaningful use of the same by designing software that is in compliance with many government rules and regulations and also  creating a neat and easy to understand interface.