How Tranquilmoney Solves the Challenges of Ambulatory Care Facilities


How Tranquilmoney Solves the Challenges of Ambulatory Care Facilities

Due to less scrutiny and research, the Ambulatory care facilities are often mismanaged with greater room for errors as compared to the inpatient high risk areas such as surgery, emergency department, perioperative, and perinatal care.  It is often assumed that the care provided in outpatient departments is routine care for healthy patients, and is thus safe. But with a steady increase in patient visits to Ambulatory care facilities both patients and doctors are realising what the facility lacks.

This deficiency is posing a major question mark on the safety of the patients. Scattered across various states and districts, from physician offices to clinics to emergency rooms, outpatient departments lack proper infrastructure support which leads to challenges like  preventive medication, drug errors, and lack of communication.

With the HITECH Act several software companies have been working zealously towards creating ambulatory compliance EHR software that will to a great extent assist in curbing the aforementioned issues.

After being tested and certified under the Drummond Group’s Electronic Health Records Office of the National Coordinator Authorized Certification Body (ONC-ACB) program, our EHR software-PracticeTracker™ is one of the few carefully designed cloud based services which runs in agreement to the criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Complete with ambulatory EHR compliance, we along with our trained team of staff and meaningful use consulting teams ensure optimum utilisation of the technology and not make it an investment burden for our clients.

It is often observed that several medical errors occur due to communication gap between patient and doctor, primary care provider and speciality referral, handovers along the course of treatment between care providers, while some even occur due to missing reports. With ambulatory compliant Electronic Health Records (EHR) an outpatient department can meet several of these issues provided they adhere to the meaningful use objective guidelines.

With our trained team of staff, we guide you methodically through the implementation process by ensuring that all the data is correctly captured and represented. Through our analysis of the project, we identify people responsible for a specific task, which aids in reducing workflow inefficiencies. This gap analysis is monitored on a weekly basis and required training is offered to physicians as well as the staff to create a safe and quality healthcare system for the patients. This closed monitoring helps in making the seemingly complicated task of EHR implementation easy and simple.

Through a certified EHR model, an ambulatory care facility will have structured data on patients; with all the medical history of the patients including medical tests available on a single platform, which will definitely enhance the care quality. Along with the clinical alert and interoperability feature that will aid in improving quality and safety of patients by reducing medical errors and promoting integrated healthcare.

With issues ranging from communication to complete documentation of records and efficient monitoring of patient treatment, an outpatient department will therefore gain a lot through our certified EHR technology and a well trained support team.