How Tranquilmoney Helps With ICD 10 Transition


How Tranquilmoney Helps With ICD 10 Transition

With the ICD 10 transition deadline pushed to October 1, 2015, care providers face yet another daunting task of performing the process of conversion. Even with the deadline date extended by a year, the task of getting used to new systems always seems difficult. These new alpha numeric codes, designed with high level of detail demand excessive product testing and also training of physicians to get accustomed to this code change, to be able to create specific diagnostic reports in compliance with the new codes.

These physicians who are already struggling with the implementation of Electronic health records will be facing an additional challenge with the ICD 9 to ICD 10 transition. Also a part of the challenge is the training that will be required to get proficient with the transition along with the implementation of Electronic health records, since these codes will also play a huge role in attaining meaningful use objectives with all the diagnosis data filled in with the new codes, which are more exhaustive and specific. These challenges are probably a major reason causing the transition delay.

At Tranquilmoney, we look at both these problems as one, our dedicated support team ensures that the client faces required amount of training and support when it comes to implementing our practice management software. Included in this very software is the ICD 9 to ICD 10 conversion tool which will seamlessly update the new codes into the system. When it comes to training and support, our concierge business model plays a significant role by appointing a concierge for every physician to attend to his or her business needs, which includes any query or difficulty pertaining to the software including the transition process.

In our detailed implementation process are two very significant steps; Training of the staff and physicians, and testing of the systems and the interfaces. With these two essential steps we ensure that the system is compliant under HIPAA in every way and the clients have gotten accustomed to the system in every possible way that will help in attaining the benefits associated with successful implementation of the practice management software, along with the ICD 10 transition. Our support team will also maintain a dual system that will run parallel to the client’s, until the client is completely satisfied with the new structure.

In the new age, an upgrade of the code from ICD 9 to ICD 10 becomes necessary to realise the potential of health information technology. The exhaustive details in the codes will have a far reaching impact on the quality of healthcare. Though initially the ICD 10 transition may seem to be a major disruption but its benefits will overshadow everything. Therefore it is always advisable to adopt an ehr technology that will proactively assist with the transition.