How Tranquilmoney Aids You With EHR Proficiency


How Tranquilmoney Aids You With EHR Proficiency

The board of registration of medicine of the Massachusetts Medical Society finalized the EHR proficiency regulations on January 2 2015, with an aim to promote the usefulness of the new technology amongst maximum number of eligible care providers.
In order to renew their licenses, all physicians will have to display expertise in any one of the following conditions as per the Massachusetts Medical Society.

• Participating in the Meaningful Use program as an Eligible Professional.
• Having a relationship with a hospital that has been certified as a Meaningful Use participant. This relationship would be satisfied by any one of the following conditions:
• Employed by the hospital.
• Credentialed by the hospital to provide patient care.
• Having a “contractual agreement” with the hospital.
• Completing at least three hours of accredited CME program on electronic health records. Such a program must, at a minimum, discuss the core and menu set objectives, as well as the clinical quality measures for Meaningful Use.
• Participating or being an authorized user in the Massachusetts Health Information Highway (the state’s official health information exchange).

With Massachusetts medical society passing this state regulation is seen upon as a step to promote digitization of health records and also to ensure that maximum number of Physicians implement EHR technology and recognise the functional utility. But often when such laws or regulations are passed on a state or a national level, people who are already struggling to adapt to the new technology feel burdened and perplexed.

It therefore becomes essential to design not only a compliant and comprehensive EHR technology but also create a team that will aid millions of users across the country recognise the true value and efficiency of such a technology. At Tranquilmoney we take our clients through a step by step implementation process which will improve their care quality and efficiency process in a seamless manner through our team of consultants, who work exhaustively to ensure that an organisation or a professional is adept with meaningful use, a key element to a successful EHR technology.

Whenever we talk about Electronic health records software, there are two things that are often highlighted one is certified EHR technology and the second is meaningful use. Meaningful use in itself is quite a vast constituent and its importance is directly proportional to the success of EHR technology. Our team of consultants ensure that our clients do not feel burdened by the implementation of Practice Tracker (Tranquilmoney’s EHR technology) but rather realise its efficiency from assessment to performance enhancement. Our network of people ensures to evaluate the medical practice and then provide customised solutions to professionals and organisation to ensure maximum benefit through the application of our EHR technology. Our consulting team work together with eligible professionals and hospitals in collecting data and till our clients are completely satisfied we run a dual system which runs parallel to the clients system and is managed by our experts at Tranquilmoney to give as much extra support required to achieve meaningful use. Our network is people and for us EHR proficiency is correlative to meaningful use.