How Tranquilmoney Enhances Clinical Communication


How Tranquilmoney Enhances Clinical Communication

The very success of Electronic Health Records relies on clinical communications. Apart from the clinical alerts, which to a great extent reduce errors of commission and errors of omission, clinical communications play a significant role in realizing the potential of electronic health record technology. There are two major reasons that slow down clinical communication via EHR technology; interoperability and lack of usage of EHR technology. Several hospitals and physicians adopt EHR technology but do not implement it efficiently enough. With their busy schedules they are often seen struggling with the new technology due to lack of training and support.

Stage 2 of Meaningful use has laid a lot of emphasis on patient engagement and the only way this is possible is through clinical communication. There are several categories to the latter which include communication between the patient and the clinic, between patient and the care provider, between care providers in the same clinic, between care providers who use the same EHR system and between care providers who use different EHR systems. It is not a very easy task to juggle between patients and a completely new technology, which is designed extremely carefully to improve the quality of health care nationwide. Thus it is absolutely essential to adopt an EHR technology that can smoothly transit data between same and different EHR software and also provide all the relevant features which ensure effective clinical communication.

Tranquilmoney with its Practice Tracker software ensures interoperability in compliance with HL7 standards and not only that, it makes sure that it provides all the required components that ensure worthwhile flow of information. Document imaging to Appointment reminders are the basic features which are available in all EHR software including Tranquilmoney, but what we offer apart from all these qualities is an option to customize the software as per the clients need. We understand that every client functions in a different manner and when we bring forward our customization aspect it really makes it easier for the client to suit the software to their needs and not the other way around. Tranquilmoney with its comprehensive EHR technology creates efficiency which is translated through our support team who network across several clients with exhaustive training at convenient times. We have a very clear EHR implementation roadmap wherein we assess, plan, select, implement, evaluate, and then further aim at improving the application of our EHR software. Clinical communication which is suffering greatly due to under usage of EHR technology and interoperability will see an immense improvement through our cloud based EHR technology.

Even when it comes to sharing health information of patients across different entities, Practice Tracker (Tranquilmoney’s EHR software) can do so easily and securely. The practice management software, which has been carefully designed with all the appropriate components come alive with our team of dedicated consultants who link the software to the care providers with hands on training and complete support.