How Tranquilmoney Makes EHR Customization Count


How Tranquilmoney Makes EHR Customization Count

With the surge in health information technology, electronic health records, one of the integral components of the former has stirred up quite a storm amongst the care providers. Not being able to deal with the pressure arising due to implementation of EHR Technology and demonstration of various stages of meaningful use, several physicians are abandoning their private practice and navigating to corporate hospitals. This is quite an overwhelming challenge facing the healthcare industry since corporate hospitals are comparatively expensive and may lack the personal touch. Due to all these reasons, the healthcare industry is in dire need of customized electronic health records, and not the one which are merely configurable in the name of EHR customization.

What care providers need at such times is a comprehensive training with the software to realize its full potential. The very intent behind designing the core objectives of meaningful use is to realize the importance of electronic health records and how they can improve the quality of healthcare by ensuring safe exchange of health information between third parties. Some of the most significant requirements by physicians are a HIPAA complaint EHR technology, which will not only store the data but also ensure security to the exhaustive data stored in its systems.

With a similar intent, practice management software of tranquilmoney is not only compliant with all the necessary standards, but also comes with an efficient support team who aids the physicians in effective utilization of the software. This cloud based electronic health record solution networks people and physicians all across the nation. Like every other EHR software they adhere to all the necessary standards but at the same time are extremely conscious about EHR customization. The EHR customization provided is configurable and at the same allows the user required flexibility and autonomy.

The team at tranquilmoney realizes the need of the hour, they are aware no two practices are same and hence it would be unfair to fit both into a standard design. The support team while working with the care providers evaluates their practice and suggests changes on that basis, once done the EHR system is then monitored for scalability and usability issues and they continue training the physicians and their staff to ensure a seamless adoption of the EHR technology. The EHR customization standards are not merely restricted to adding fields to the software but also include customized clinical alerts for enhanced quality of care along with customized reporting. Tranquilmoney is therefore in every way a one stop solution for many physicians who are looking for true EHR customization.