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We offer bright people with a passion to achieve and excel, the challenge and opportunity to do so. In our work environment talent is recognized and encouraged in the right direction. We believe in rewarding excellence. We believe in people who go the extra mile to ensure customer delight.

Our assurance to clients on process conformance guarantees service delivery on time. To do this, work days are well planned using TQM tools. This enables our employees to maintain a good work-life balance, as well as ensuring that we deliver services as per SLAs consistently.

We hire experienced people as well as freshers from campuses.

Your career at Tranquilmoney - your future

The growing $540 billion healthcare claim processing industry offers huge opportunities for people entering it. We have three main business lines in our outsourcing division: Medical Billing/ Physician receivables management, Pharmacy Receivables management and Healthcare Forms processing.

In our software division, we have a history of developing innovative products based on research and business needs of automating workflows, generating reports, providing better-than-before accuracy, etc., using the latest technologies.

Work culture

We have a culture where processes are followed, work is well planned but new ideas are always welcome and taken seriously. Good management practices enable us to practice our credo of 'the network is the people'. We have a young and enthusiastic team who have fun at work and still deliver top quality results. People with ideas and initiative are encouraged to experiment and make their dreams come true.

We are a TQM company - which means that we believe Quality is a way of life; at work, at home and anywhere else! This enables us to achieve without infringing upon employees' personal time and their need to spend time with family.


The Tranquilmoney vision for its employees emphasizes growth through learning and excellence. We believe in providing training to enable people deliver quality services as well as grow the next level. We are convinced that growth of the company is achieved only with growth of its people, and people will mature in ability and knowledge only when they are given inputs and challenges to their intellect.

Toward this end, TM places emphasis on both structured and informal training.

Freshers receive an induction to the company and concentrated inputs on their specific areas. Wherever possible, one-on-one training is encouraged and implemented. Trainers are a team of operational domain experts who have hands on experience in their areas of expertise.

Management Development Programs are directed at those who have talent and ability but have not had the opportunity to benefit from of structured inputs on management. These are people who are already in positions of leadership or are second in line for such positions. Trainers include senior management and consultants who have trained at management schools such as XLRI, Jamshedpur and IIM, Ahmedabad.

Specific skills training are outsourced to referenced consultants in areas where TM or the employee feels that inputs are not readily available within the organization. We actively encourage and support achievement of relevant skill or domain specific certifications.

Employee quotes about working at Tranquilmoney

• "Non-bureaucratic. Its great to be able to reach anyone across the organization and
   not have to worry about hierarchies.." Senthil - Systems Admin

• "Great learning field in terms of process orientation and learning to live the TQM way
   of life" Durai - Claims Research Team

• "I have realized the importance of goal setting and why we have processes in place
   for everything.."

• "Open and friendly environment. We have opportunities to learn and given
   challenges based on our abilities..." Latha - HR

Current Openings

• Medical Billing - Caller
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  Company Timeline  

1994: Year of Incorporation

1995: Signa, a signature scanning, capture and retrieval application for banks and share registries released.

1996: ImageCADE, a form scanning and data capture application released. Form processing services launched.

1997: Entry into healthcare claims processing business. ImageCADE suite strengthened. New version released.

1998: Telefiche, an image warehousing tool released
Entry into Healthcare receivables business.

1999: TQM system implemented

2000: ISO 9001 Certification for back office in India

2001: TQM online software developed

2003: ISO:9001:2000

2004: PracticeTracker™ released

2005: PharmTracker released

2009: Upgraded Certification from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008 for back office in India

2011: PracticeTracker™ v8.0 gets certified for Complete EHR Ambulatory

2012: PracticeTracker™ clients receive their first EHR incentive payments from the US government for their meaningful use of Electronic Health Records

'the network is the people' -- Tranquilmoney's tagline underscores the fact that our people are the mainstay of the company. When people grow, the company grows. We at Tranquilmoney believe in Growth through Learning and Excellence.
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