Careers at Tranquilmoney

We are a software company and a BPO company. But right at the core, we are a TEAM with its primary focus on the people and their skills.

We offer the right talent with the right opportunity. A great environment to work in without the unnecessary high stress, but a steady direction to excel at what they do the best and achieve greater heights!

At Tranquilmoney, talent is recognized, encouraged and developed. We firmly believe that excellence deserves to be awarded. We appreciate people who intend to go the extra mile to ensure customer delight.

Total Quality Management ensures a well-planned workday, enabling our employees to strike a work-life balance.

Whether you have just stepped out of campus or you have work experience, we look forward to working with you!

Sales Agents

Independent Commission Agents

Urgent Vacancy in USA

Great News: If you have experience calling on Physician offices (and medical groups) in the USA, we are looking for a few of the best independent commission only salespeople to earn based on your expertise and commitment.

Tranquilmoney is a leader in the Telemedicine, Practice Management, AR Finance and so much more. Please send your resume in confidence to Tom at

If you have the Aptitude, we have a Job

Tranquilmoney takes on bright people who can do well at our aptitude test though they may not have the proper qualifications for a job in medical billing.

If you have the Aptitude, we have a Job

Do you see yourself contributing in making the US Healthcare Management System more affordable, faster, and better? Do you want to be part of a company that has actually been using AI in its products for many years? If yes, then TM is the place to be!

Be measured on metrics. If you like to:

  • Own your projects and take the lead, instead of being directed
  • Be compensated based on concrete results, instead of your superior’s opinions about you,

TM welcomes you. With clearly assigned responsibilities, deliveries are measured against a set of metrics. Each metric will have a goal, mutually agreed between the employee and the immediate manager.

  • Be engaged for a lifetime: We take care of your personal ambitions & upskilling, while ensuring that your market value as a job candidate is never compromised. Tranquilmoney is ready for you! We have also welcomed back some ex-employees who wanted to make a comeback after brief stints at other companies in the industry.
  • Personal growth: Our people are our investments. Our training focus not only on the organizational goals, but also on your personal growth and development.

Our vision for employees emphasizes on growth through learning and excellence.

We believe training should not only enable our people to deliver quality services, but also help them in stepping up to the next level. We are convinced that the right learning experiences and training enables the growth of people which in turn drives the growth of the company. And, people will mature in terms of ability and knowledge only when they are given continuous feedback and challenges.

For Freshers:e emphasize on both structured as well as informal training. Most of our people have joined us as freshers, and have grown to become young leaders and experts in their respective fields, have been a key part of our training programs.

As a Fresher, you undergo an induction program. Next, you are trained on domain and soft skills, followed by concentrated on-the-job inputs in your specific area. We encourage Wherever possible, one-on-one trainings and focus on inbound and outbound training for nurturing the leader in you. The training curriculum is designed by industry experts, while our trainers comprise of operational domain experts with hands-on experience in their areas of expertise.

For leaders: Management Development Programs are directed at those who have the talent and ability, who hold leadership positions or are just a step away in the hierarchy for such positions.

The training sessions designed for such roles allows future leaders to get structured inputs, expand their skill set and deepen their knowledge. These learning programs are conducted by senior management and consultants from management schools such as XLRI, Jamshedpur and IIM, Ahmedabad.

Other Specific Trainings: We outsource specific skills training to referenced consultants and actively encourage relevant skill-building and domain-specific certification courses.

In addition, we provide Project-based training, Skill-based Presentations, Refresher training and Error-based trainings. While Refresher training and Project-based training are conducted regularly, Error-based training is scheduled on identification of errors. Skill-based training is identified at monthly and yearly reviews at various levels.

TQM and Training We have specific parameters to evaluate quality performance and yearly career progression reviews. Our TQM Methodology includes training as a vital part of the process. The open feedback system and freedom of expression contributes to the constant improvement and enrichment of such policies.


At Tranquilmoney, processes are followed, work is well-planned and new ideas are always welcome. Our sound management practices enable us to practice our credo - 'The network is the people'. Our young and enthusiastic teams who like to have fun at work, ensures delivery of top quality results. If you have an idea, we are all ears! If you are ready to take an initiative, we encourage you to experiment!

TQM – Total Quality Management
We are a TQM company and ‘Quality is a way of life’. TQM gives every employee a 3W1H (3 Whys, 1 How) work schedule with clear expectations, enabling us to achieve goals without stress, without infringing upon our employees' personal time, needs and space.


Employee Quotes

  • “Non-bureaucratic. It’s great to be able to reach out to anyone across the organization and not have to worry about hierarchies." - Senthil, Systems Admin
  • “Great learning field in terms of process orientation and learning to live the TQM way of life" – Durai, Claims Research Team
  • “I have realized the importance of goal setting and why we have processes in place for everything."
  • "Open and friendly environment. We have opportunities to learn and given challenges based on our abilities." – Latha, HR

Current Openings


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