Roles in Medical Billing, Pharmacy Receivables and Technology

At Tranquilmoney, our roles are clearly defined, and we are looking for the appropriate people. We are essentially looking forward to working with people who are passionate about what they do and are eager to learn.

If sheer commitment and determination drives you, Tranquilmoney is the place for you to be.

Tranquilmoney offers various roles across its different Service Groups.

Explore the roles below:

  • Medical Billing / Physician Receivables Management Service Group
  • Pharmacy Receivables Service Group
  • Healthcare Form Processing Service Group
  • Technology Group Service Group
Sales Agents

Independent Commission Agents

Urgent Vacancy in USA

Great News: If you have experience calling on Physician offices (and medical groups) in the USA, we are looking for a few of the best independent commission only salespeople to earn based on your expertise and commitment.

Tranquilmoney is a leader in the Telemedicine, Practice Management, AR Finance and so much more. Please send your resume in confidence to Tom at

We look for the following in a job candidate

Healthcare services and sales roles

  • College graduates as well as experienced people based on the requirement.
  • A positive attitude
  • A keen learner
  • Experienced in the US healthcare industry, back office processes.
  • What else?

Technology roles

  • Software developers who are proficient in all Microsoft Visual Studio products.
  • Highly skilled in MS SQL server database design and implementation.
  • Trained in Software development with experience in full stack web development on a LAMP environment and willing to learn high level development skills on Microsoft and Linux platforms.

Medical Billing / Physician Receivables Management Service Group

Our medical billing team manages receivables for US hospitals and physicians. We manage their processes right from charge entry through billing, AR follow-up and cash posting.

The team is young and radiates high energy, with most of them having joined us as freshers who had gradually grown to hold positions of larger responsibilities in a brief time. These young leaders are experts in their respective fields and form a key part of the training that is constant.

While a Team Leader holds together the various complexities of a project, an Account Manager is responsible for the maintenance and growth of the projects. Callers have to be articulate and should be able to communicate effectively with insurance companies and other payers, while Analysts need to have a strong logical aptitude and ability to ensure a high quality of output by the callers. These roles mesh together seamlessly to produce high quality output and timely delivery.

Our team leaders have demonstrated that domain expertise and the ability to manage people proves to be rewarding for both the individual and the team. We believe that learning is a constant process and deliveries are a product of teamwork and excellence.

The freshers are first trained on domain and soft skills and then receive on-the-job inputs. All our trainers have 'been there and done that' and possess a practical outlook on queries. There are set parameters to evaluate quality performance. Developed by the team, these parameters are used to determine level movements and pay hikes. Our open feedback system and freedom of expression contributes to the constant improvement and enrichment of such policies.

Performances are evaluated against set parameters, which are used to determine level movements and pay hikes. Our open feedback system and freedom of expression contributes to the constant improvement and enrichment of such policies.

Medical Billing Roles

Charge Entry/Cash Posters

  • Responsible for managing the medical billing process including demo entry, charge entry and cash posting with regards to US physicians/provider group.
  • Responsible for processing various functions related to billing such as denials, rejections, and coding along with reporting to clients.
  • Needs to ensure quality of the accounts processed.

AR Callers

  • Responsible for managing the revenue cycle of medical billing along with follow-up with payers.
  • Responsible for increasing collections by rejections and denials analysis and converting them into payments.
  • Needs to be articulate and efficient communicators to ensure effective follow up.

AR Analysts

  • Responsible for ensuring the quality of the accounts processed by billers and callers.
  • Responsible for the Project Performance Report to be sent to the client.
  • Needs to have a strong logical aptitude and ability to ensure quality throughout delivery.
  • Plays a major role in increasing the team productivity and enhancing the project quality which encompasses lower rework percentage and reduced customer complaints.

Pharmacy Reconciliation Receivables Service Group

The team enables US-based Pharmacies in improving collections and reducing write offs. The key to this service is our AI-backed software PharmTracker™, well-designed processes and domain experts. We boast of offering 100% claim, check / RA reconciliation, our capabilities to identify unpaid and partially paid claims and sound follow-up processes. through with the Insurance companies.

The team uses cutting edge technology to process receivables. The operations are handled by the Claims Research team, that possess a sharp analytical ability and an urge to re-invent processes to ensure that the clients receive their dues. Problem solving and creative abilities are second nature to them. They thrive in an intellectually challenging environment on a regular basis.

Our technology developers are well-acquainted with the business requirements and based on constant interaction with the Operations team, ensures the fine tuning and upgradation of the technology that gives Tranquilmoney an edge over its competitors.

Healthcare Form Processing Service Group

Our healthcare claims processing capabilities include double key entry followed by independent correction of HCFA / CMS, UB 92, C4, and dental claims forms. We have the ability to achieve overnight turnarounds and virtually 100% accurate data.

Our technology is directly responsible for our resounding success in this space. The operations are manned by data entry operators who are hired for their typing skills with an emphasis on accuracy and speed. Our processes are designed for rapid ramp-ups with none of the usual teething problems. Supervisors are adept at floor management and are responsible for smooth operations in an industry that calls for good people skills and an ability to manage production plans and timely delivery.

Our managers hold together a medley of operations without missing a beat. They have solid experience in the data capture industry and provide regular feedback and accurate requirements to the technology team, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

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<Healthcare Forms Processing for a TPA – 50 percent improvement

Technology Service Group

The team is known for a yen to innovate and continuously improve existing processes and products to address clients’ business problems and enable our inhouse teams to improve service delivery. Our range of products allow our clients to leverage leading-edge technologies to manage their business operations.

The technology team takes charge of the IT needs of the entire enterprise and sustenance of the vigour of TQM across the organization. Our Developers have a range of skills across platforms such as VB, .net, Sql, Java, Perl, PHP and abilities in Oracle and SQL server database management. They design, develop and test applications that combines to form an integral part of their repertoire of abilities. Growth in the organization is determined purely by ability.

There are open parameters of evaluation, constantly reviewed for improvement. There are visible tracks of growth for those with managerial ability and pure technical brilliance. A combination of the two catapults an individual onto the super-fast express track. We give opportunities to specialize and develop expertise as well as to move across domains and build new skills.

Roles in Technology

Software Programmers

Learning and Development - For Freshers,For leaders
  • Responsible for designing, coding, testing and debugging complex software programs.
  • Responsible for designing, developing and testing applications.
  • Responsible for understanding and analyzing requirements to develop software as per the client requirements.
  • The idle candidate should have a vast exposure and experience of developing,, JSP, Jquery, Perl, SQL database, Angular and other Microsoft technologies.

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