The Healthcare Players That Benefit

Tranquilmoney offers enabling services and technologies for Healthcare (providers and payers) that provide improved business results from their activities.


The healthcare industry is distinctive in that the primary source of payment for services rendered comes from third party payers. This leads to a complexity associated with proper collections. The significance of a good AR process cannot be overemphasized in such a situation

Tranquilmoney understands these complexities and has accumulated experience over the last 8 years in processing claims for providers such as hospitals, general practitioners, specialists and pharmacies and helping them collect more, faster.


The financing side of the healthcare industry is populated by both public and private payers, which include self-insured employers, insurers, healthcare plans, uninsured individuals, and government agencies (Medicare and Medicaid). Payers need to keep administrative costs in check, increase the efficiency of health claims processing, and enhance service for customers. Our services combined with cutting edge technology and processes help healthcare payer organizations manage the entire process, achieve accuracy while lowering TCO.

Our services can help simplify your health claims administration to make your health plan more efficient, flexible, and responsive to the needs of members and business partners.

Tranquilmoney has developed technology and processes to deliver 99.99% accuracy in HCFA/CMS, C4, UB92 forms data.

  • Services

    • Claim Submission
    • AR Management
    • Pharmacy Claim Reconciliation
    • Medical Billing


    • Scanning Mail Processing Services
    • Data Capture
    • Archival and storage
  • Providers

    • Hospitals
    • Physician practices
    • Pharmacies


    • Insurance carriers
    • Medicare
    • Medicaid
    • WCB


    Self-Insured Employers, TPAs, Healthcare Plans, Uninsured Individuals, and Pharmacy Benefit managers (PBMs).

  • Tranquilmoney Enabling Technologies

    • PharmTracker™
    • PracticeTracker™
    • ImageCADE™
    • TeleFiche™

Medical billing companies

We supplement the services of medical billing companies in their effort to deliver to their clients through our dual shore outsourcing model.

We support some medical billing companies by handling the back office work while they focus on maintaining and building client relationships. Alternately we deliver on some sub-processes like charge entry, cash posting, electronic claim submission and AR follow up.

By integrating our systems / using our proprietary technology, we ensure superior results to end clients.

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