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Healthcare Collection / AR Follow Up Services

Tranquilmoney's innovative AR follow up and collection services have been providing Physicians and Hospitals improved collections over the last 8 years. We are able to improve healthcare collections within 3 months of starting the service.

Our success comes from accurate, timely, and professional billing followed by serious AR follow up and collection activity with dedicated professionals who use technology and process to accomplish the task of collecting more, faster.

Through our healthcare AR management services, we offer:

Meticulous tracking and follow up of each claim
AR Analysis
Send follow up mail, notices and make phone calls
We follow up with all payers – Insurance carriers, TPAs, Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB), patients, etc.
Quick and full reimbursements
Online reports to show status of collections


Trained and experienced staff
Clearly laid out processes for sending email, notices, making phone calls, etc.
PracticeTracker™ software is used for tracking and follow up, which is designed to support the process.
Online Reporting will show you status and provide financial control

When we start the service we will recover old, uncollected Account Receivables (AR)


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