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Healthcare Forms Processing Services

Tranquilmoney provides Health Insurance Forms Processing services, making the whole data capture process painless for you, the payer, who receives HCFA /CMS 1500, C4 or UB 92 forms in huge numbers in different formats. Our services include mail handling, document scanning and imaging, data capture and storage. Using our software and processes, we ensure 99.99% accuracy in data conversion to prevent payment errors down the line.

We ensure that the output data is in a database-ready format so that Insurance carriers can verify a claim quickly and proceed with reimbursement.

ImageCADE is our integrated Windows-based solution for image and data capture which streamlines the entire capture process by providing the capability to have independent stations for scanning, image processing, data entry and data verification. It allows separation of the scanning process from the indexing process so that remote data entry becomes easy to manage.

This also enables scalability of operations to handle any volume of work. ImageCADE allows workflow customization, and separate work queues are maintained for each process so that ongoing work can be monitored.

Healthcare Form Processing Services

Mail processing services: We set up services to check all incoming mail for scanning. Health Insurance claim forms are prepared for scanning by removing staple pins, unfolding, flattening, separating forms into batches, etc.

Document scanning: we offer onsite or offsite document scanning services. TeleScan, a module of ImageCADE, is used for image capture.

Offshore Data entry: We have created offshore infrastructure to deliver high quality data conversion and processing services. Our processes, people and cutting edge technology ensure you get 99.99% accuracy in the output data.

Trained key operators convert paper to data because automated capture technologies, such as OCR, have not been able to cope effectively with the range of quality problems these forms present.

Archival & Storage: The scanned form images can be filed and stored on media using our proprietary document scanning, storage and retrieval solution.

Your Benefits:

Full range of services: from handling mail, scanning to data capture and delivery in electronic format.
Double key entry followed by independent correction of HCFA / CMS / UB 92 / dental healthcare claim forms.
Ability to achieve virtually 100% accuracy of data.
Overnight turnaround.


Our technology solution, ImageCADE, an integrated Windows-based solution for image and data capture.
Proven processes and delivery methodologies
Consistent accurate results over last few years.

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  Key Facts  

Forms processed: 5 mil / year

Turnaround: 12 hours

Accuracy: 99.998%

Technology: ImageCADE suite of products

Metrics measured: On-Time Delivery, Data Accuracy, Productivity, Cost, Morale



Our processes improve total capture accuracy, internally validate data, catch errors in original data and dramatically reduce the cost to convert each form

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