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To deliver with quality and reliability, we have designed processes from transitioning onwards to final delivery. Processes are followed across the organization including HR to focus on meeting customer needs and organizational objectives.

At Tranquilmoney's back office in India, processes for service delivery and transitioning are well documented and ISO 9001: 2008 certified. Every process may further have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WIS).

  Processes Sub Processes
Medical billing/ Physician Receivables
16 13
Pharmacy Receivables Management 11 9
Forms processing 10 9
IT 5 12
HR 3 8

Medical Billing / Physicians Receivables management

Processes are well documented for AR follow up, claim processing, filing and appealing, with WIS for all sub processes.

Pharmacy Receivables Management

Some of the processes documented are for download, document preparation, Auto Recon, Auto Match, Claim Research, generation of reports

Information Technology

The IT division provides technology to the outsourcing division. The major documents maintained are Project Specification Summary, Detailed project specifications, Client clarification documents, Software Manual, Design Review Document for all projects.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are written for all the IT related processes like Process Planning, Estimation, Software development through releasing for production. Work instructions (WIS) exist for all the sub-processes from process planning through deployment

Human Resource Department

Documented processes include Induction policy, Job Profile for all the positions, Office and Leave rules. SOPs exist for all the HR related processes from Recruitment to separation.

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