teleClinicTM Pro – Secure Telemedicine Platform for Physicians to Boost Productivity

18 Nov 2020

An all-inclusive, one-stop solution for doctors & the only pay-per-use telehealth platform

South Orange, NJ – November 18, 2020: Tranquilmoney is pleased to announce the launch of its secure telemedicine platform – teleClinicTM Pro. This video consultation platform has been designed keeping in mind the prerequisites of doctors and patients. teleClinicTM Pro facilitates efficient virtual consultation and offers a real clinic experience. It is yet another breakthrough for Tranquilmoney, which has been a leading practice management solution provider to physicians and medical groups in the US.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, telemedicine platforms seem to have found a firm footing. With teleClinic ProTM, doctors can sign up and start their online consultations in minutes. Features like online appointments and payments add convenience. Storing patient consent keeps the practice on the right side of the law. It also allows physicians to digitally market appointments on their website. Doctors seeking advanced features such as appointment reminders, waiting room, 1-to-many consultations, and so on, will appreciate teleClinicTM Pro.

Dr. Karun Philip, Chairman and CEO of Tranquilmoney, said, “teleClinic is a digital technology that will not only deliver virtual care but also perform supporting admin tasks essential to telemedicine. We also plan to support our customers in the future by integrating EHR, e-Prescription, and remote healthcare monitoring.”

The teleClinicTM Pro platform is a reliable HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant solution with productivity features. This works in favor of doctors and medical groups as the portal will hold good in the long run, irrespective of government exemption in terms of HIPAA compliance. It is a win-win situation as this telemedicine platform is not only profitable and productive but also provides a head start to the physicians and their staff. They can set up a virtual practice with teleClinicTM Pro and not have to change platforms when the law is amended. Staff and patients have to learn it only once and put it in practice for years to come.

The release of Version 1 of the teleClinicTM Pro platform enables convenient video consultations while simultaneously improving practice productivity. It’s also one of the few pay-per-use telemedicine platforms to be launched in the US. Physicians can see a notable boost in revenue while patients can get access to medical help anytime, anywhere. A sustainable, viable, and productive solution, teleClinicTM Pro comes across as an effective strategy going forward.

Tranquilmoney is offering a 30-day free trial of teleClinicTM Pro at

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