Two new clients acquired and an entry into workers compensation billing

01 Nov 2005

Tranquilmoney is glad to announce that two more physician’s practices have signed up with us for managing their medical billing and AR process. Tranquilmoney has been in the Healthcare receivables management business for the last 8 years managing medical billing and AR management, helping collect more, faster. With the addition of these clients, Tranquilmoney will also have the experience of dealing with worker’s compensation as a payer.

Our services for hospitals and physicians practices offer a complete receivables management solution. We take care of AR management related activities like electronic and manual claim submission, claims tracking and verification, AR follow up, and maintaining relationships with patients and payers.

This service includes use of PracticeTracker™, Tranquilmoney’s web-based Practice Management software, that enables the hospital’s front office and our back office employees collaborate and work together. The front office personnel perform front office tasks like scheduling appointments and registering patients while our well trained back office personnel manage the receivables. PracticeTracker™ has been upgraded to generate the C4 form and all necessary features to manage worker’s comp claims.