With teleClinicTM Platinum, Tranquilmoney integrates the telemedicine module into its Practice Management platform

01 Dec 2020

A comprehensive telehealth solution that connects EHR & e-Prescription with seamless workflow

December 01, 2020, South Orange, NJ: Tranquilmoney proudly announces the release of its top edition telemedicine software – teleClinicTM Platinum to deliver an all-inclusive platform which is fully loaded with EHR and e-Prescription in addition to video consulting. Tranquilmoney has been a prominent healthcare solution provider to medical practices in the US for nearly two decades. The teleClinicTM Platinum edition comes as a pronounced value addition to its practice management platform – PracticeTrackerTM.

PracticeTrackerTM is a tried-and-tested practice management software and has been embraced by many medical groups to manage their administrative, billing, and EHR chores since 2005. The Platinum version of teleClinicTM has been designed to work in sync with PracticeTrackerTM, to include features like Drummond-certified EHR and market leading e-Prescription by Rcopia. All the other teleClinicTM Pro features remain intact including video conferencing, online appointments, secure payments, virtual waiting room, appointment reminders, and patient consent.

Thanks to its unified workflow, medical providers will be able to integrate all their needs under one platform. The teleClinicTM Platinum edition will simplify all processes from video consultation to online prescriptions, enhancing convenience, productivity, and profitability for physicians in the long run. Physicians can send electronic prescriptions instantly to pharmacies and patients can get medication without stepping outside their homes.

This is a well-timed strategic move on the part of Tranquilmoney as a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has struck the US and the rest of the world. According to a survey, 77% of Americans have already started using telemedicine platforms. It is believed that 46% of these patients have chosen this medium for safety concerns. A reliable and performance-oriented telehealth platform is the need of the hour at the time of increasing lockdowns and confinement.

Dr. Karun Philip, the Chairman and CEO of Tranquilmoney, said, “We are committed to making the lives of healthcare providers easier. All our offerings such as the PracticeTrackerTM platform, medical billing and collection services, and AR finance are designed to lessen the reimbursement delays and alleviate the administrative hassles common to healthcare providers. teleClinicTM Platinum adds telehealth to the mix including a fully integrated e-Prescription module. This completes our technology platform, and, along with its services, Tranquilmoney is well placed to help providers run the practice in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”


The teleClinicTM Platinum edition assists doctors in managing their work more efficiently, made possible by a single, seamless workflow for all their virtual consulting needs from video calling, to EHR, to billing and ePrescriptions.

For more details on teleClinicTM Platinum, or the trial version, check the company’s website.

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