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99.9 percent collections, 100% claim reconciliations

Our  services for retail Pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies, grocery store chains, mass merchant chains deliver comprehensive receivable management and claim reconciliation management backed up by robust software to improve collections and cash flow.

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We run and operate all the activities related to pharmacy billing services such as Paper-to-Electronic conversion, RA processing and reconciliation, claim level reconciliation, follow up for payments and reporting.

Our pharmacy receivable management services are supported by AI backed software technology, domain expertise, onsite consultants, back office personnel and proven delivery processes.


Pharmacy Management Highlights

400 pharmacy stores including a chain

100% of $1 billion a year was reconciled and 99.9% of adjudicated amount was collected for a Pharmacy chain.

1 million claims processed per month

$1 billion collections per year

Unapplied Cash, DSO, $ collected, Partial Payments, Revenue Reconciliation, Revenue Enhancement

PharmTracker™ and ImageCADE

Standard and custom online reports

Pharmacy Receivable Management Services

100% Matched claims with the payments

Pharmacy Claim and Check/ Remittance Advice reconciliation is key to collecting pharmacy receivables.

By matching each claim with its check, it is possible to follow up with the payor, find the cause for denial and re-submit the claim.

Tranquilmoney offers the services and software to manage this and collect up to 99.9%.

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<Pharmacy Claim Reconciliation services
Pharmacy Receivables Financing

Pharmacy Receivables Financing

We offer cash flow solutions for Independent pharmacies. Instead of waiting to receive payment from the insurance payor cycle, you can get immediate funding against your Pharmacy claims.

Easy processing, quick cash flows.

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PharmTracker™ Software

Pharmacy Receivable Management software with an AI engine

All pharmacy claims do not match with payments resulting in unapplied cash and open claims. Some claims are paid only partially or not paid at all and this amounts to 15 to 20 percent of the claims. Our software PharmTrackerTM uses artificial intelligence to identify reimbursement discrepancies and do the matching.

  • Reconciliation of checks with corresponding payment
  • Application of payments to claims
  • Exception processing
  • Reporting
  • Integrates with EPS systems



Sarbanes Oxley

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