PharmTracker™ Software

Pharmacy Management Software

Intelligent Pharmacy Claim level reconciliation

Pharmacy management software with an AI engine.

PharmTracker™ is a web-based billing software designed to address the account receivables and reconciliation management needs of retail pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies.

  • Reconciliation of checks with corresponding payments
  • Application of payments against claims
  • Exception processing
  • Reporting
  • Legal compliance

Pharmacy Management and other Applications

Pharmacy claim reconciliation services,
  • Pharmacy POS and EPS systems: The software integrates with electronic switch data and data feeds from POS systems including Condor, TechRx, PDX, QS1, Renlar, MPS, etc.
  • TelePost: TelePost, module of PharmTracker™, allows Stored Procedures to convert the processed data into the reporting schema.
  • TeleFiche: Data, document and image warehousing software used for archival services. Scanned pharmacy claims are archived for later retrieval if required.
  • ImageCADE: Image and data capture software from scanned healthcare claims and forms

Artificial Intelligence in PharmTracker™

Pharmacy Billing Software with an Edge

Tranquilmoney has an integrated system with which we offer payment reconciliation, and AR follow-up on third-party payments. PharmTracker™ has been built on AI principles for:

  • Auto reconciliation: checks are matched against RAs
  • Auto-match: The claims and payments are auto-matched against key fields.
  • Payor Rules: Identification of rules used by each payor for each retail pharmacy client.

With automation (including but not limited to AI), some or all of the real people in the process can be eliminated. We may never get to full automation, but at Tranquilmoney, we try to get to it as close as possible, real people with real domain expertise do it manually, assisted by limited automation.

Artificial Intelligence in PharmTracker™

PharmTracker™ Features

A complete Pharmacy Management System

Practicetracker Software
  • Import your claims: Claims can be imported into our pharmacy management software from electronic files or from ImageCADETM after data capture.
  • Claim processing: This includes matching claims against payments, applying reversal of claims and payments, processing of fees and adjustments based on payer specific rules, matching checks with RAs, research and follow up on mismatches.
  • Auto reconciliation: Your checks are matched against RAs through auto-reconciliation module.
  • Auto-match: The claims and payments are auto-matched against key fields.
  • Interactive match: The pharmacy billing software assists the research team in manual matching (Checks and Claims) based on configurable rules.
  • Get professional reports: It generates standard, professional reports with drill-down feature that can be printed, saved as PDF, Excel etc.
  • The software has options to do a dynamic sort on any of the fields at the first level. Some of the other reports include Aging Report, Aging analysis, Aging by month, Unapplied payments, Complete payments, Partial payments, Over payments, RAs without checks, Checks without RAs, and Batch status.
  • Analytics-backed data warehousing: The software has a data warehouse that is implemented using MS Analytical Services.
  • An array of Search options: Our clients can search checks, payments, claims, or files. The search fields and the columns that display search results are configurable.
  • Storage facilities: PharmTracker™ stores all source files - EDI 835, images and claim in a payer and date-wise sorted folder in a downloadable format.
  • Provision for Output file: The software provides output that includes a list of all new and modified records, available in client-specified format.

PharmTracker™ Benefits

  • The client can view the data and reports online.
  • The software system is accessible 24*7.
  • The software data integrates well with electronic switch data or data feeds from POS systems including Condor, TechRx, PDX, QS1, Renlar, MPS, etc.
  • Its high-end functionality is allows identification of rules used by each payer for each retail pharmacy client.
  • The system is designed and implemented on the basis of Deming's principles of workflow management and accountability.
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