Services Approach

As part of the service, Tranquilmoney provides its clients the use of PracticeTracker™, an internet-based, full fledged practice management software. The system has front desk features for the physician's office for patient registration, scheduling appointments, recording patient history, etc. Patient data is taken from here by Tranquilmoney to create charge entry and complete the billing process. The software has strong workflow management and AR follow up features to ensure maximum collections by the Tranquilmoney outsourced team. Clients can view standard status reports by patient or physician online or even create custom reports.

EOBs are entered into the PracticeTracker™ system for further follow up and action. Payment advice is also entered into the system and cash posting is done.

Our Service Includes

All clients are provided access to this system and some use PracticeTracker™ end to end. Clients, who elect to use their own Front Office system, send Tranquilmoney an electronic data file or scanned images on a daily basis for import into the system.

PracticeTracker™ is designed to allow operational ease and collaboration between the client and Tranquilmoney.