PracticeTracker™ (now certified for EHR) is a cloud-based, full fledged practice management software for use by physician's practice or hospitals. It has features for use by the physician's office for keeping appointments and patient history, as well as billing, work flow management and AR follow up features for use by the physicians own administrator or an outsourced company.

Key Functionalities

The front desk

Appointment scheduler and Registration of patients and providers.


There are a number of reports for both the physician's office and the billing office. Claims filed, Aging summary, cash received, forecasts by patient, by physician are available online. Standard reporting features like output as PDF, excel, and charts are included. There is role based access to reports.

Back office operations:

It can generate HCFA/ CMS 1500 forms and C4 as PDF documents. Rules can be defined for prioritization and assignment of accounts to callers. AR follow up, denial management, cash posting, re-filing processes can all be managed through the system. Fee schedule and procedure codes can be entered for each practice. The software has several tools that speed up follow-up on claims and help maximize collection.

Special features:

  • Fully functional search
  • Fully customizable Import features
  • Fully customizable reports
  • Workflow management
  • Code databases integrated into software
  • EOB and fax management
  • Handling Worker's Compensation claims

Benefits :

  • Web-based front office and back office management system
  • Integrated EDI electronic billing with HIPAA compliance
  • Uses legacy system integration
  • Implemented as XML based web services
  • High end functionality: data mining, expert systems
  • Implements Deming's principles of workflow management and accountability


  • ASP.NET Version 4.5
  • Crystal Reports Version 10
  • SQL Server 2000 R2

Software architecture