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Physician Receivables Management / Medical Billing Services

Our services for hospitals and physicians practices offer a complete receivables management solution to ensure the success of your practice. We take care of AR management related activities like medical billing, electronic and manual claim submission, claims tracking and verification, AR follow up, and maintaining relationships with patients or payers. We have expertise in processing health insurance claims like HCFA/CMS, UB92, C4 and dental for various specialties.

Using PracticeTracker™, our web-based Practice Management software, your front office and our back office employees collaborate to help you COLLECT MORE AND GET PAID FASTER. With PracticeTracker™, your front office personnel perform front office tasks like scheduling appointments, registering patients and focus on providing patients with a caring atmosphere while our well trained back office personnel manage your receivables and other backoffice activities. If you use another front office / medical billing application, we import data from your application into PracticeTracker™ for AR follow-up.

Tranquilmoney puts technology, process and people to work for you.

Physician Receivables Services

Verification and Medical billing: We generate claims for hospital services, professional charges and workers compensation. Proper checks to verify codes and modifiers are made to reduce the risk of denial. Patients are quickly billed for procedures not covered under the plan.

Medical Claim Submission: We take care of electronic claim submissions and manual claim submissions. Claims are submitted promptly after charge entry and credentialing where necessary.

AR follow-up: Each claim is meticulously tracked and followed up by our trained and experienced staff till the cash is received. We have dedicated executives to call payers and some dedicated to calling only patients. Processes are clearly laid out involving sending email, notices, making phone calls, etc to expedite collections. PracticeTracker™ is designed to support the process.

Denial management and claim refilling: Denials are received; analyzed and further action is taken. We also handle workers compensation refilling for both administrative award (HP1 A) and arbitration (HP1 B).

Cash Posting: After cash remittance advice is received and checks are deposited; we complete the cycle by posting cash in the system and update you. We also receive and process payments for clients.

Reporting: Our PracticeTracker™ software allows you to see collection status at any time for each claim, payer or patient. We also send periodic status reports which include AR summaries, claim tracking reports, AR Aging. We even do a predictive analysis to estimate your cash position for a particular week.

Storage: PracticeTracker™ is designed to store images (insurance card, old medical records, doctor's notes, EOBs, check images, claim form, transaction history) and other patient records in secure locations and is accessible at the click of a button by authorized personnel.

MU Incentive claim: We offer a service to claim incentives of up to $44,000 from Medicare or $63,500 from Medicaid.

Your Benefits:

Proven improvement in collections of up to 50%
Claim denial rates reduced due to better follow up and coding correction
No need to invest in an AR software - our service is bundled with PracticeTracker™ which is available on the web for each client in a secure manner.
Low cost addition to medical billing and AR follow up staff
Better predictability of reimbursement patterns using payer business rule database
Custom reports allow sound decision making

Our Strengths:

Technology and management systems highly developed to handle complexities
Employees with an average experience of over three years in receivables management, healthcare claim analysis follow up.
24x7 attention to your receivables through our offshore offices
Customized reports available to you at a click of the mouse
Clean claims submission and resubmission
Metric based management


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  Key Facts  
  Client base: 40 hospitals/ physician practices

Specialties covered: 16

Types of Claims: HCFA/CMS 1500, UB92, C4 & dental.

Electronic claims filing: Arrangement with clearing house

Technology: PracticeTracker™ designed and developed in-house to manage and expedite AR process and generate reports

100% EHR Ambulatory certification


The foremost factor we keep in mind while following up with patients is to maintain good relations while still collecting your outstanding. We even follow specific instructions with respect to particular patients.


  Customers Speak  
"Tranquilmoney has been with us for more than a year now, and I'm pleased to say that guys at Tranquilmoney understand the needs of our operation well, and we are in a great position owing to their on time delivery and the quality of service. I'm pretty much satisfied with their continuous follow up to ensure that the project is given utmost priority.
I would be more than happy to recommend to use their service."

    - Ramesh Amin, Practice Manager, St. Therese Medical Group, California

"Thank you for a job well done. Your company and services continue to impress me. You all have done an excellent job as well as providing us with detailed reports."

            -  Leonard Perez, MD, Kern Women's Health Group Inc, California

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