PracticeTracker™ Services

PracticeTracker™ Services for Physicians

Receivables Management and Practice Support services

Over the last 20 years we have helped many healthcare providers and medical groups to increase their collections and reduce overheads. Our medical billing and collection services are supported by our HIPAA compliant practice management platform, PracticeTracker™ EHR. Our highly experienced and well-trained staff manages your receivables and admin tasks.

Top 10 medical practice management service companies

An Award-winning Practice Management Service Provider

Tranquilmoney has had the honor of being ranked among US’s top 10 practice management service companies of 2020 by Healthcare Tech magazine. Our world-class practice management and medical billing services are supported by our practice management software on the cloud, with EHR. Our goal is to maximize revenues and minimize costs by optimizing your practice management.



Medical Billing & Collection Services

With an impressive 95% clean claims rate, we handle the medical coding and billing for many practices and medical groups in the US. Our motto is to maximize your revenue collection and minimize your overhead costs.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Experience smooth operations and higher profitability as we evaluate, improve and automate the entire revenue cycle, making sure that there is no delay due to redundant tasks and revenue collection leaks.

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AR Follow Up

If your staff does the billing, we can do the AR follow up. Our team of experts will use analytics and follow up to a plan and ensure all your healthcare claims are recovered. AR backlogs are also our specialty.

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AR Finance

Waiting for healthcare claims to be reimbursed is agonizing. Our AR finance services can fund Physicians up to 80% of their medical billing in just 72 hours. So no more waiting!

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Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Tranquilmoney’s PracticeTracker™ is a fully certified, HIPAA compliant EHR software.
We can help you transition your patient charts, be it in paper or electronic format, into our EHR system swiftly and at a lower cost.


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Electronic Health Records (EHR)
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PracticeTracker™ Support Services

Apart from billing and revenue cycle management, a medical office often needs some additional services to support the front office staff. That’s where our Support services come into the picture. We offer services like data conversion, credentialing, claiming MU incentives, data archiving, scanning and transitioning to enhance your efficiency.

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How we support your Practice from our office

High quality healthcare receivables services with our processes

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Electronic Health Records ONC-ATCB Certification Criteria

Electronic Health Records Systems are required to undergo various qualification tests for certifications. The White Paper draws the list of criteria.

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Preventive health care and significance of EHR

Diseases can be prevented by making simple lifestyle tweaks, while the patient—centric, holistic approach of EHR enhances the healthcare quality.

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