No Fault Billing and Collection


No-Fault Billing and Collections

Timely and precise No-Fault Claim Filing, NYS

With our timely claim filing, no-fault collections are fast-tracked, directly impacting your top line. We offer these services to the doctors in New York State.

No-Fault medical billing is all about the usage of special forms, adherence to government requirements, specific time limitations, special mailing instructions and other elaborate billing processes. Your claims need to be accurate and must be submitted on time to minimize the probability of rejections.

Depending on the state laws, No Fault claims have to be reported within as soon as 48 hours or l up till two weeks. The rules pertaining to different insurance carriers and forms are different and highly complex. Moreover, different types of injuries and their implications demands claim filings to be very precise.

Service Highlights

  • We have a track record of 90% collections!
  • Our sound knowledge of billing forms, coding and ICD updates helps you smoothly navigate through the cumbersome procedures
  • We have years of experience in handling medical liens, subrogation claims, no-fault litigation/arbitrations and negotiations/settlements
  • In case of disputes, we create customized solutions for you

No Fault claim filing and collection process

No Fault Billing

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