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Workers' Comp Claim Submission and Billing Services

Approved Vendor for XML Submissions – WCB, NY


Expertise, Experience and Technology

XML submissions to the NY WC Board since 2007. PracticeTracker software manages the billing and submission process effortlessly.


Workers' Comp Claim Submissions

We submit your Worker's comp claims to the Board, Insurance as well as the patients' Attorney in the required formats within 24 hours.


End-to-end Billing services

Along with workers' comp claim submissions, we also take care of your entire billing process to help you get reimbursed quickly and easily.

NY Workers Electronic Claim Submission Services

CMS 1500 XML Submission

24-hour submission. We process claims from all data sources.

Worker’s Compensation Board: Claims are submitted electronically to the Board in XML format for faster and error-free processing. Now in CMS 1500.

Insurance Companies: Claims are submitted to Insurance carriers in the 837 electronic format via clearing house.

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CMS -1500 XML Submission

Are you ready to transition to CMS 1500, and submit in XML to the Board, before the deadline?

Switch with Tranquilmoney - an approved partner for XML submissions

Tranquilmoney has developed technology to submit Workers Compensation claims in CMS 1500 to the Board in XML. PracticeTracker™ software.

Experience the smoothest transitioning to CMS 1500 XML before July 1, 2021.

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NY Workers' Compensation Billing & Collection Services

Tranquilmoney offers complete workers’ compensation revenue cycle management

  • Accept billing data in paper or electronic format
  • Compliance with all billing regulations of New York State
  • Electronic Claim submission in 24 hours
  • Electronic submissions to the Board in XML and Insurance Carriers in 837
  • Claim information sent to Patient's Attorney
  • Direct interaction with New York Workers' Comp Board and Insurance carriers
  • Billing dispute resolution with WCB, NY
  • Claim optimization using employers’ contract
  • PracticeTracker™ software for workers’ compensation billing and submission.
<Workers’ Compensation for a New York based Family Practice

Workers' Compensation Claim Forms - Paper or Electronic

Tranquilmoney offers submission of CMS-1500 form in XML format, besides other forms (until the Board discontinues them):

  • C-4 - Doctor's Initial Report
  • C-4.2 - Doctor's Progress Report
  • C-4.3 - Doctor's Report of MMI / Permanent Impairment
  • EC-4NARR - Doctor's Narrative Report
  • EC-4 AMR - Ancillary Medical Report
  • OT/PT-4 - Occupational Therapist's / Physical Therapist's Report

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Workers Comp Billing Software - PracticeTracker™

PracticeTracker is a web based practice management and medical billing software that helps medical groups and practices streamline their workflow, manage the front desk, billing and EHR.

The features below specifically manage Workers' Compensation billing, New York.

  • Authorization Filing
  • HP1A and B Filing
  • HPJ1 Filing
  • CMS 1500 XML Submission to NY WC Board
  • 837 file creation
  • Document Analysis

In 30 minutes, we can demonstrate the top features for WC billing and submission.

<Practice management and Receivables management solution on the cloud

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Workers Comp, NY - Medical Billing Service - Process Detail

Tranquilmoney has been offering billing services to reputed practices in New York State since 2007. Reach out to us for an end-to-end solution including billing, submissions, collections and software.



Workers’ Compensation for a New York based Family Practice

A New York based Workers’ Compensation practice with 2 doctors and a few physical tEHRapists was struggling with difficult Board submissions and claim management. With our intervention, claims were filed on time and collections became faster.

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Things to know about the NY Workers’ Compensation CMS 1500 Form

The New York Workers' Compensation Board has replaced multiple claims forms with the CMS-1500 form. They are also moving towards electronic (XML) submission in 2021. Is your practice ready for the change?

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