Revenue Cycle Management

Streamline Practice income - Fix revenue gaps

RCM is offered in addition to medical billing and collection services to healthcare clients. This service finds the revenue leaks and plugs them to deliver increased revenue and continuous cash flow. With an experience of couple of decades, we have delivered to a range of clients including hospitals, clinics and practices.

Our software PracticeTracker™ helps in various analyses to manage your revenues effectively.

Use our RCM services to fix revenue leakages

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What do you get?

What we do is find the revenue leaks and plug them

  • Improved net revenue to the practice
  • Elimination of errors and redundancies
  • Streamlined processes
  • Fewer denials
  • Correct patient information and reduced amount of stress to your staff
  • PracticeTrackerTM software that enables advanced analytics and intelligent billing.

How we do it?

Billing, remittance & collection experts optimize and manage your payment cycle



  • Billing and collection analysis
  • Payer contract and payment analysis
  • Fee schedule analysis
  • Analysis of super bills as per the guidelines formulated by CMS and AMA
  • Rejection and denial analysis
  • Analysis of billing guidelines to streamline appeals and reconsideration processes

Audit & Tracking

  • Audit of claims data to ensure optimal quality levels
  • Rejection and denial forecasting
  • Tracking of reimbursement rates and denial patterns
  • Periodic review of payment variances and account status with physicians

Forecasting & Reporting

  • Rejection and denial forecasting
  • Month-end reporting to the management

Managing collections

  • Electronic submission of bills
  • Payment posting and account reconciliation (auto/manual) based on evidence retrieved from carrier
CA Psychiatry Practice Revenue Cycle Management – Major Medical

Why Tranquilmoney for RCM?

  • Analytics
  • We determine prior authorization for required services
  • Our RCM services lead to accelerated cash flow, reduced AR days and improved collection ratio
  • We obtain demographics and medical insurance information through a secured system
  • We ensure prompt resolution of EDI rejections to increase the percentage of clean claims
  • Aging analysis is done based on the age of claims
  • Our timely and proactive measures palliate the adverse impact of denial rates
  • We ensure strict adherence to turnaround time
  • We offer AR Management with timely follow-up and corrective action

Why PracticeTracker™ for your Revenue Cycle Management needs?


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CA Psychiatry Practice Revenue Cycle Management - Major Medical

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