teleClinic™ Platform

teleClinic™ – Easy to use, Feature rich Secure Telehelath Platform

HIPAA compliant video consultation platform - designed specifically for Doctors! Physicians can set up a personalized ‘teleClinic’ and start a virtual practice in minutes.

teleClinic™ is designed for practices and medical groups with features such as online appointments and payments, patient consent storing, waiting room that help improve productivity and convenience.


Video Consultation Platform

Increase your productivity and patient reach with teleClinic™ virtual consultations.
Watch the video to get a quick overview of the product.

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teleClinic™ Lite - Free Always

Secure telehealth platform, designed specially for doctor-patient consultations

Create your personal teleClinic™ in just a few minutes and start video consultations.

teleClinic™ Lite has all the features you need.

teleClinic™ Editions

Our video consultation platform is available in 4 editions.


  • Personalized teleclinic
  • HIPAA compliant
  • 1-to-1 video consultations
  • Online Appointments & payment
  • Lifetime Free for unlimited use


  • All features of teleclinic Lite, and
  • 1-to-many video call
  • Virtual Waiting room
  • Stores Patient consent & recording
  • Pay per use


  • All the features of teleclinic Pro and additional features
  • Fully certified, HIPAA compliant EHR
  • Specialty-specific Templates
  • Patient portal to view health records


  • All features of teleclinic premium, plus
  • Fully integrated ePrescription module - Dr First’s Rcopia Subscription
  • Seamless, single workflow
  • Drug reaction alerts

teleClinic™ for Doctors

  • Secure, personalized teleClinic™
  • Online appointments & payments
  • Screen sharing helps explaining to patient
  • Consent of patient is stored
  • Save call recording locally
<teleClinic™ Video Consultation Platform
Virtual consultations

teleClinic™ for Patients

  • Great convenience
  • Online payments
  • Upload diagnostic reports
  • Privacy is assured, Doctor cannot record calls without consent


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