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Image CadeImageCADE™ is an integrated Windows-based solution for image and data capture. ImageCADE streamlines the entire capture process by providing the capability to have independent station for scanning, image processing, data entry and data verification. In addition, any number of stations can be set up, allowing bottlenecks to be removed. This also enables scalability of operations to handle any volume of work. ImageCADE allows workflow customization, and maintenance of separate work queues for each process so that ongoing work can be monitored

Tranquilmoney has been offering data capture and forms processing services since 1996 using ImageCADE. ImageCADE is the technology behind Healthcare Forms Processing service. Large numbers of HCFA /CMS 1500, C4 or UB 92 forms are processed successfully. We ensure 99.99% accuracy in data conversion to prevent payment errors down the line and reduce administrative overheads as well.

ImageCADE is used in executing pharmacy receivables and physician receivables services. Tranquilmoney also offers data capture services for survey forms, invoices and so on using ImageCADE.


TeleScan is a Windows-based document-scanning product for high volume scanning.

TeleScan manages batch-oriented high volume scanning operations. It can manage multiple jobs with different types of forms, and maximize the productivity of scanner operators. Special options allow re-scans of missed or poor quality documents, automatic batch counting for reconciliation, encryption and compression of image data, and transmission of data across a secure Intranet for processing. TeleScan supports all the major high-speed scanner manufacturers, industry-standard TWAIN interfaces and Kofax image processing boards


Telekey is the key-from-image module of ImageCADE, which enables image-assisted data entry. The operator can key in the data from the image that appears on the screen, into the image that appears on the screen, into the form that has been defined using the Form Definition Tool. Telekey has seven modes of operation, activated depending on the relevant workflow required/defined. Some features of the TeleKey module:

  • As the user enters the data, each field is validated. Validation rules are well defined with relevant look-up tables.

  • Verify mode allows verification of fields with the previously keyed data using single key with or without validation. Verify is available with override and without override.

  • Correct mode allows a read only, visual audit, to start with. If any errors are detected, this mode allows the user to go into Correct, to make the necessary corrections.

  • Examine mode allows read only, visual audit of the keyed in fields.

  • Auto-validate validates data in the background and marks the areas of error.


Shepherd is the workflow engine used by ImageCADE and TeleKey to control routing of work and to monitor status of jobs.


TeleDesign allows the user to easily create single and multi-page data entry screens that match the image exactly. A unique feature is that it has Graphical Tools to customize workflow and form design. With a set of basic building blocks, the user can decide the sequence of processing.


ImageCADE's Admin utility allows a manager to keep track of all ongoing jobs and operators. It also keeps track of the process and the number of batches at each stage of the process. This information can also be used for load balancing.

ImageCADE allows the Supervisor to perform Statistical Analysis on various parameters. This analysis is useful for billing purposes, understanding the efficiency of the operator, understanding efficiency of the workflow etc. It could help build greater efficiency into the process by providing the control factor.


Reliable total image and processing system assures on time delivery
It allows separation of the scanning process from the indexing process so that remote data entry becomes easy to manage.
User friendly form design module allows customization for any type of job
Versatile workflow engine allows flexibility in setting up the process
Heads-up data entry ensures increased productivity
Validation Rules can be built in and this enhances accuracy
Consistent accurate results over last few years.

Solution Architecture:

Multi-user, ODBC compliant system operating in a client-server computing environment.
Field-configurable workflow engine.
Open Architecture.
Supports OLE Automation

Technology used :

Sax Basic

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Brochure: ImageCADE™ - Total document and Image Processing system, 59 Kb

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