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TeleFiche™ is a Windows-based image warehousing tool that allows images to be stored with user defined keywords (indexes). These images can be stored across volumes on the hard drive. The images can also be stored offline on any storage media, for example, across CD-ROMs. When the user tries to access a volume that is offline, the software prompts the user to insert the CD. Keyword (index-based) searches can be done even for documents in offline volumes.

TeleFiche is used by Tranquilmoney to archive documents and images for its clients.

TeleFiche is available in Standalone and Client Server mode.

TeleFiche Publisher and Viewer

TeleFiche consists of a Publisher and a Viewer. The Publisher allows volumes to be created, document classes to be defined, document images to be added (including a bulk import feature) etc.

The Viewer is essentially a read-only operation on the data published. It allows for searching of images and browsing of volumes. In TeleFiche Viewer, you can view an existing volume in the warehouse or import a volume (with folders and documents) into a warehouse.

Organization of Images in TeleFiche

Several warehouses can be created within TeleFiche. Each warehouse is a database of scanned document images

Images are classified into various Document Classes. Each document class is assigned a document ID and properties. Each of these properties has a name and data type associated with it. If the data is of type Text, the property also has a text size associated with it. Images belonging to specific document classes are organized into volumes and folders. Each volume can have multiple folders, and each folder can have multiple documents (images).

Importing Images and Volumes

Images can be imported into folders within volumes in a TeleFiche warehouse by means of an import script, where the indexes associated with each image are specified. Images can be imported from any scanning application. Volumes can also be directly imported.

Annotation, Archival and Retrieval

Scanned document images are imported into the folders within volumes in a TeleFiche warehouse. Stored images can be annotated using various defined annotations such as text, rubber stamps, highlights etc. The stored images can be retrieved using visual queries. Searches are done on the indexes that are stored in permanent hard drive space.

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