Any business process requires for it to be supported by robust and scalable technology that would enable superior results. Tranquilmoney's software division provides technology to the outsourcing division to deal with the complexities of healthcare claim and AR management, with the objective of being able to efficiently manage the process, improve usability and productivity, and provide accuracy in results.

The software is part of the service offering as a package and client does not need to invest in the software. All the client has to do is to send input files, receive output files and track progress/ view reports through web access.

PracticeTracker™, a solution for managing Physician receivables is a complete practice management solution. PharmTracker helps manage Pharmacy receivables and reconciliation. Both PracticeTracker™ and PharmTracker are web enabled, and can be used by clients to monitor progress and view reports.

Our powerful technology supports our services and ensures expedited payment, reduce claim rejections and minimize your administrative overhead besides total cost.