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To make the transition to electronic medical information systems efficient and effective, allowing doctors to focus on clinical issues of patient care instead of the administrative burden.


PracticeTracker™ is Full Service Software. For the price of a billing and A/R service, 100% EHR certified Practice Management software is included, with customization of templates and some functionality additions included with no extra charge. Keep up with changing electronic standards without extra expenses. Focus on medicine and patient care -- we'll handle the IT, analytics, billing support, exception processing, and follow up.

Transition Services

Get electronic from Day 1. Simply scan every day’s paperwork to us. Our team will remote login to your current system and update it, as well as transition the data to our 100% EHR compliant software (included in the billing service charge), enter charges, submit electronically or on paper, post cash and EOB data, and follow up on unpaid receivables. See your reports and charts online or have PDF reports emailed to you. Your dedicated team is always there for support.

Receivables Finance

Work with our blue-chip nationwide banking partners to negotiate financing against your third-party receivables once they are transitioned to our platform.

General Information

Our platform is Cloud-based and you have no up-front fees or server costs. You just need a Web browser. We provide a dedicated Account Manager and team for each client -- you can call a toll free number or email your team individually or as a group at any time.

We also help you apply for the incentive program and provide consulting and webinars on how to achieve Meaningful Use in your practice, again with no extra charge. We are 100% ONC-ATCB certified, and have ISO 9001:2008 and SSAE 16 certification.
Client Quotes

“Thank you Deepa for a job well done. Your company and services continue to impress me. You all have done an excellent job as well as providing us with detailed reports.”

“A big Thank you to you and your team for assisting us with EHR incentives. As a token of our appreciation we have recommended Maribel to release an extra payment. Could you please send us a separate invoice [for] accounting purposes.”

“Your staff has been working tirelessly with my staff to resolve issues. I appreciate the patience you exercise while dealing with the challenges involved with working with my staff.”

“We’ve been happy with the service you have provided. We are looking at Tranquilmoney doing 100% of our billing and follow-ups.”

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