Within the company, these are the roles available within each business line:

Medical Billing / Physician Receivables management

Our medical billing team manages receivables for US hospitals and physicians' right from charge entry through billing, AR follow-up and cash posting.

The team is young and radiates high energy. Most have joined us as freshers and have grown to hold positions of responsibility in short periods of time. These young leaders are experts in their field and are a key part of the training that is constant.

Freshers are trained on domain and soft skills and then receive on-the-job inputs. The trainers are all people who have 'been there and done that' - they have a practical outlook on queries and not mere academic answers.

There are parameters in place to evaluate quality performance. These parameters have been developed by the team itself and are used to determine level movements and pay hikes. Open feedback and freedom of expression contributes to the constant improvement and enrichment of such policies.

Roles that mesh together seamlessly to produce high quality output and timely delivery are those of AR callers, analysts, team leaders that hold together various complexities of each project, Account Managers who are responsible for the maintenance and growth of the projects. Each role has its own specific skills - Callers are articulate and able to communicate effectively with insurance companies and other payers, analysts have a strong logical aptitude and serve to ensure a high quality of output by the callers. Our team leaders have demonstrated that domain expertise and maturity in people management give results and rewards to both the individual and the team. They ensure that learning happens all the time and deliveries are a result of good teamwork and excellence. Standards are high but so is the adrenaline rush that comes from doing a job well.

Pharmacy receivables

Our pharmacy team improves collections and reduces write offs using an effective receivables management program. Detailed claim-level matching is done using various fields and manual exception processing tools to give the pharmacy an accurate picture of their receivables.

This team uses cutting edge technology to process receivables. The operations are handled by the Claims Research team. Members of this team have a high analytic ability and are on an ongoing quest to find new ways of ensuring that clients get monies due to them. Problem solving and creativity are skills that are second nature to them. They thrive in an environment where there are intellectual challenges on a daily basis.

The technology is developed by a team that understands the requirements of the business and has constant daily interaction with the Operations team thereby ensuring fine tuning and upgrading of the technology that gives Tranquilmoney its edge over competitors.

Healthcare form processing

Tranquilmoney provides Healthcare Claims Processing services. Some of our capabilities include double key entry followed by independent correction of HCFA / CMS, UB 92, C4, dental claims forms, an ability to achieve virtually 100% accuracy of data along with overnight turnaround of data.

Technology is directly responsible for our resounding success in this industry. The operations are manned by data entry operators who are hired for their typing skills with emphasis on accuracy and speed. Processes are in place for ramping up at short notice with none of the usual teething problems that are usually associated with rapid ramp ups. Supervisors are adept at floor management and are responsible for smooth operations in an industry that calls for good people skills and an ability to manage production plans and timely delivery.

Our managers hold together a medley of operations without missing a beat. They have solid experience in the data capture industry and give regular feedback and accurate requirements to the Technology team, thereby ensuring customer delight by enhancing accuracy and quality of delivery.

Technology group

Our Company is known for its yen for innovating on existing processes and products, as well as its ability to identify and conceive new products to enable better service delivery.

Tranquilmoney's range of IT Services addresses the needs of both technology and business requirements to help the organization and clients leverage leading-edge technologies for business improvement. The Technology team takes charge of the IT needs of the entire enterprise as well as responsibility for sustaining the vigor of Total Quality Management across the organization. At TM, we believe true value from technology requires an in-depth understanding of business strategy.

Developers have a range of skills across platforms such as VB, .net, Sql, Java, Perl, PHP and abilities in Oracle and SQL server database management. They design, develop and test applications - all an integral part of their repertoire of abilities. Growth in the organization is determined by ability.

There are open parameters of evaluation which are constantly being reviewed for improvement. There are visible tracks of growth for those with managerial ability and those with pure technical brilliance. A combination of the two will catapult the individual onto the super-fast express track. We give opportunities to specialize and develop expertise as well as to move across domains and build new skills.