Infrastructure Authorization

  • User name, domain access, internet access, email id, PC and other equipment based on the helpdesk request raised by the Head of Dept./Team Lead(HOD/TL).
  • Access to servers having EPHI data is based on the role and helpdesk request raised by HOD.
  • Infrastructure for calling -- PC, Headset, Dialer, Printer access is based on helpdesk request given by the HOD.

Authorization to EPHI data

EPHI data is stored in various departments - IT, IS and Medical Billing.

In Medical Billing,

  • EPHI is stored on servers.
  • The services that are open in servers are http, https, terminal services, remote desktop, and SQL server.
  • Http / Https - PracticeTracker™ App administrator ensures the authorization and supervision by creating a login for the team in PracticeTracker™ database. The user is given permissions based on the role he/she is playing.
  • Server access is restricted to specific users based on project specific login and password.
  • For client software (Medic, AR2000 and OPUS), access is restricted through client given user name and password.

In Information Systems

  • EPHI is stored on servers, Compact Discs and DVDs. EPHI is also stored at vendor places. IS personnel are authorized to access the data.
  • ImageCade has role based access to users. Workforce is authorized by Managers and Supervisors to use the software by creating a login in ImageCade.
  • EPHI is also stored in Tech support systems and access to the data is restricted using password.
  • EPHI is also stored in Telefiche software and access is restricted to Tech Support Execs, Process Conformance supervisor and Managers.

In Information Technology

  • EPHI is stored in servers and the PHI is also stored in Tape and CDs.
  • The services that are open in servers are terminal services, SQL server. Claims Research team members, IT Team and IS Team have access to this server.
  • Only a Team Leader / Project Manager can authorize access to the persons involved in respective Project.


Helpdesk Request Mail from HR & HOD.

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