Total Quality Management

TQM at Tranquilmoney is not just about management of Quality but is about quality of management. Understanding, anticipating, meeting and exceeding customer expectations by doing things right the first time and every time is the goal.

Our TQM Automation system automates daily work management, which is the foundation of any Total Quality Management system. TQM allows people to take wide accountability with limited authority. Every employee is either accountable for some results or directly responsible for them. An employee may achieve some of her accountabilities by delegating responsibility to a team she leads. Each employee has a set of managing points and checking points. These communicate the business results that are expected out of the employee. For every result there may be one or more success indicators. These are called managing points. For every result there may be one or more process indicators and these are called checking points. These are integrated in a single place with the help of the TQM Automation system, called TQM Online.

Analysis is easier and faster with a visual instead of a textual representation. TQM Online helps in creating visual control systems (graphs and charts) that are more readable and aid in faster decision making. This system collects data directly from the operational software systems wherever possible and gives each user an interface for keying in data specific to their measures where automation is not currently suitable. The graphs are automatically generated for the user, who can then analyze the data over any desired period. Our global workforce has secure access to this information from any location in the world.

Employees are reviewed every week against their managing points by their supervisor and action plans are prepared and reviewed regularly to fix the gaps. Continuous improvement is institutionalized through revision of these goals and effective action plans.


  • Availability on the internet allows reviews to be conducted from anywhere in the world
  • Saves time and resources in the form of manpower, stationery, printing, etc.
  • Visual representation of the actual data against set target
  • Enables faster and more effective decision making
  • Greater clarity in the individual's roles and responsibilities
  • Provides up to date data which gives timely warning of problems
  • Software for managing large organizations using Total Quality Management provides managerial scalability


  • In use since 1996 at Tranquilmoney India
  • Every employee's metrics and targets are maintained on the system
  • Charts to monitor trends in performance and benchmark against median performance
  • Integration with other Tranquilmoney technology for automated updating of performance in near-real-time.