We ensure that knowledge migration and operating capabilities takes place smoothly between the client and us. Our objective is to:

  • Ensure that the outsourced team can begin client operations
  • Document the processes and train staff
  • Design processes and deploy technology
  • Finalize SLA parameters

Start Up

TMI Project Manager Appointed

Transition Document Sent To Client Project Manager

Gather Knowledge Of Existing Processes, Customers Clients,Payers.

Clarify Thru Teleconf / Meetings.

Production Planning

Identify tasks required for the job and necessary resources (People, IT/Systems,OPs)

Design Workflow
For The Project(SOPs).

Identify reports required by client.

Review & Training

Client reviews and approves work-flow,related SOPs, training Document

Train Staff

Train Client Staff To Use Tranquilmoney Online Software.

Setup & Test Production

Setup Software.

Run a sample and send client test output data

Client Reviews The Test Data And Confirms.

Send Sample Reports.

Parallel Production

Work With Live Data.Make AR Follow Up Calls.

Update Online Software For Client To See Results/Reports.

Client Approval.



Send Weekly Reports To

Quality Check
On Live Production.

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